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G.I. Joe Club subscription is ready for recruitment

8:00 AM on 08.13.2012 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Fun Publications, Inc. has been teasing their G.I. Joe fans quite some time now with promise of a subscription service allowing them to plop down a chunk of money to be guaranteed a year's worth of exclusive figures. Well the time has finally come. It's by no means a cheap subscription, a lump sum payment of US$294 or three payments of US$98 plus shipping for either method will net you 12 figures (broken down to roughly US$25 per figure before shipping) plus a bonus mystery 13th figure. On the plus side these are being made-to-order so there's no limit on how many people can subscribe or on the number of subscriptions a single person can purchase, just as long as they get their order in by September 14, 2012 at "midnight".

There are a few catches, though. You have to be an active club member to take part which starts at $44 (and  will get you a club incentive figure and magazine) and while all members will get the same figure every month, the order that they're released will be random. Head over to the club website to read the full list of rules and reminders and to start your subscription.

So why would anyone want to join? The biggest reason is likely the variety. The assortment features characters from all parts of Joe history. Fan favorite Cobras like Big Boa and Dice are updated for the first time, early versions of Grunt and Cover Girl return to  figure form, Action Force's Quarrel, internationally released character Theodore N. Thomas (TNT), and of course, G.I. Joe Extreme main baddie Iron Klaw! Many (most?) of these characters are unlikely to be seen in figure form ever again!

If you're up for a subscription then remember, you've got less than a month to decide. The first figures should arrive in late December.

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