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Futurama Tineez are about as much cuteness as I can handle

2:00 PM on 09.22.2011 // Chris Pranger

Oh there's no reason to go over my Futurama obsession again, so let's just jump right into things and start in with the googly babble regarding these Futurama Tineez. I mean look at them! Are you looking at them? They're freaking adorable! I want them right now and I want to be holding them up to a camera and taking precious squinch-faced photos with them! The only people who wouldn't like these are people whose hearts have been replaced by the Sourpuss Monster (and he's grumpy).

Bender, Robot Devil, and of course my favorite, Zoidberg, are all represented here in cute 3-4" tall vinyl. But beware of the choking hazard! Choking on the wuvs most likely! Also small parts, so kids under the age of 4-years-old should probably not play with these unsupervised, and that's a shame as these are incredibly educational, what with the themes of addiction, religion, and medical malpractice all being represented in lighthearted fashion.

The set of three is out now and ready to be ordered for the low price of US$19.99. Well shoot, now that I get to the price I just encountered the grumpy Sourpuss Monster. Twenty bucks for little tiny toys? Dang it all, that's extortion! These are too good to pass up! Can't I just have Zoidberg for $7 or something? C'mon man, help me out! If you can get past the price, go ahead and order these from ThinkGeek right away. Will anyone be parting with their cold, hard cash? Is the price of cuteness too much to bear?

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Chris Pranger,
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