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Flickr Toy Love: The Beauty of P!ng

11:41 AM on 08.06.2008
Flickr Toy Love: The Beauty of P!ng photo

OMG! It's been ages since we've seen a Flickr Toy Love post, but I arrive with an incredibly talented artist for your enjoyment.

Now, there are times when you look at shots of toys and are mesmerized by the life that they have been given through the photographer's lens. Then, there are times you look at a photo and can't help but be entranced by its beauty. When it comes to P!ng, I definitely experience a combination both these emotions.

Unlike the previous photographers we've featured from Flickr, P!ng manages to catch each piece he shoots in an impeccably beautiful portrait-like shot. I love his photos and am lucky that he took the time to answer some questions in between his travels. Take a look for yourself, and then make your way on over to his Flickr page and experience the magic he captures in every shot! I have to add that I am envious of his talent ... but even more envious of his collection.

What was the first designer toy you ever bought?
My 1st designer toy was the dunny series 3. Well actually, Pinky Street was the 1st collectible that I owned.

How'd you get into toy photography?
I was taking travel photos when I initially owned my DSLR but I got a little bored and decide to bring toys along on these trips and have their photos taken instead of myself in those photos. Subsequently, most of the toy photos are taken in my room.

Who's your favorite toy designer? I see extensive Tim Biskup and JLED pics in your collection. I'm super curious.
I wish I could tell you my favorite designer. It's kinda evolving all the time. I certainly still love Tim Biskup, although I'm not into his latest toys. As always, I'm keeping an open mind towards any new toys that are great, I'll go get one regardless of who the designer might be. They don't have to be the popular folks :)

What's your favorite photo?
I love my UMA Newborn Types series. Awesome colors and the photo session was fun. Trying to have my hands in those photo was not that easy.[See Below]

I have to say-- I've never wanted to make an interview last longer just to post more photos. I implore that you go check out his collection. If you have a Flickr, add P!ng stat!

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