Five Valve characters ThreeA should be working on


As announced before, ThreeA Toys and Valve will be collaborating on toys in the future. In fact, we already have the first mash-up, a Companion Cube Square you'll be seeing at San Diego Comic Con. It's exciting times for people who happen to like ThreeA and Valve ... like me, for example.

But what else could we expect from ThreeA? What should we hope for? A few ideas have been bounding about in my head, so I've written them down and shared them after the jump. Join me, will you?

Tomorrow Queen Chell (Portal)

Almost the first thing that came to mind when I heard about the collaboration announcement was this: a Tomorrow Queen-based Chell figure. It almost fits perfectly, from the proportions of Chell to her outfit (boots, jumpsuit and all) to just how she appears. She kind of already looks like some of the previous Tomorrow Queen figures, and Chell has kind of gotten the short end of the stick in all things Portal. Isn't it about time that changed? I think so.

Why not a turret, though? Gaming Heads is already working on one, and while I'm sure ThreeA could do a wonderful job of making their own, I'd rather ThreeA be working on things that haven't gotten too much attention. Yet.

P-Body and Atlas (Portal 2)

What does ThreeA do well? Robots. What does Portal 2 have? Robots. Specifically, two cuddly little fellows in P-Body and Atlas who have yet to make it into the figure world outside of a few laboriously constructed custom figures. NECA is busy working on them in action figure form, which is fine and dandy, but I'm thinking bigger. How do 1/4- or 1/6-scale figures with articulation and detailing sound? 

Strider (Half-Life 2)

Few things in the world of Valve are as big and as imposing as the Combine's Striders. Massive constructs with long spindly legs, Striders are death bringers, walking synth weapons of destruction that are tough as hell to take down. They almost look already like they fell out of Ashley Wood's WWR universe, and having just completed the large-scale Metal Gear Rex, a large-scale Strider would be a welcome addition to any collector's shelves.

Dog (Half-Life 2)

Alyx Vance's pet robot, built by her father Eli, is a scrapped together, beaten up robot with lots of exposed piping and mechanics, gigantic hands and an impressive amount of strength. Like the Strider, Dog is a natural fit in ThreeA's portfolio, playing right into the type of toys they're known for building and building well. If they never end up doing a large-scale Dog, I'd be seriously disappointed in ThreeA and/or Valve, because Dog's largely been ignored through merchandise as he's a supporting character. It's time Dog got some love, and this is the perfect partnership to make it happen.

But there's one more thing that ThreeA should be working on ...













... Awww, who the hell am I kidding. There's way too many choices for just five.

I couldn't pick a fifth. There's just too many options for ThreeA to work with, depending on whether they want to stick close to Valve's original designs or play around with them a bit like they did with the Zaku. For the former, you could see Popbot Combine soldiers; for the latter, why not something like a Bramble-based Heavy from Team Fortress 2? A Tomorrow King Popbot of Louis or Ellis-inspired Rothschild from Left 4 Dead? A terrifying Combine Advisor in 1/6-scale? Something from Half-Life 3? If the Book of Gabe is truly open to Ashley Wood and Co., anything is possible. And hopefully, it'll all be worth the wait.

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