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First 4 Figures rocks Wolf Link and Midna, also manly Goron

12:30 PM on 11.30.2010 // Pedro Cortes

First 4 Figures, makers of an incredible line of Legend of Zelda statues, as put up for pre-order their next masterpiece. Dipping into the characters of Twilight Princess, artist Goran Sadojevich has done up the Wii launch game's protagonists, Wolf Link and Midna. Coming in at 1/4 scale and a solid 15 inches, Midna sits upon the back of Wolf Link, commanding the transmogrified elf to do her bidding. It's eerily impressive how Sadojevich has molded Midna to perfection, with everything from her feral expression to the runes on her mask getting the perfect amount of detail. Her hair even flows out correctly.

There are two versions of this limited polystone statue. The normal run has 750 pieces in a full color package, a numbered base and an authenticity card that will let you buy the same numbered statue from any other Twilight Princess series that First 4 makes later. The exclusive run also has the full color package, numbered base and card that allows cross purchasing, but it's limited to 350 pieces and lets you light up Midna's hair. Even better, her hair will slowly dim when the switch has been turned off. Both versions are due out second quarter 2011. The normal run costs $329.99 and the exclusive run goes for $349.99.

Not to be out done by its newer counterpart, the Ocarina of Time series introduces the Goron Darunia. This stout and rather grizzled fellow stands at 15 inches tall from hair to toe. He's in scale with the other figures in the Ocarina line and will run collectors $154.99. If you've purchased other Ocarina figures and registered them with First 4 you can get the same number as your other toys when he comes out first quarter 2011.

I quite enjoyed Twilight Princess, especially the wolf parts. I know I'm in the minority there, but I love me some wolves and having Link running around with the cute Midna on his back made me quite pleased. Now, if First 4 were to make a stand alone Midna, there would be nothing stopping me from getting one immediately. You here me First 4?!? Make this bear's wish come true!

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