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First 4 Figures gives us another version of Samus' gunship

10:00 AM on 01.25.2011
First 4 Figures gives us another version of Samus' gunship photo

Yes, let's put these fires out right now, we've talked about Samus' gunship from Metroid Prime before, but that was way back in the long-long ago in an age where I wasn't writing for Tomopop, and damn it do I love Metroid Prime, so now you get to hear me talk about First 4 Figures' Metroid Prime Gunship. Okay, further reasoning? Entertainment Earth is listing it for US$279.99, a $20 difference from what we originally said. Aha, now aren't you happy I got the Metroid bug? I reduced that price. Me. You're all welcome.

As previously stated, this statue of Samus Aran's gunship from Metroid Prime (also Metroid II), is completely stacked with laser turrets and LEDs inside the ship that cause all manner of cool things to glow when you want them to. I'm especially happy that the stand can be tilted to any angle to allow for displaying however you'd like, which is pretty simple but it's a nice tough nonetheless. First 4 Figures, I'd highly recommend sending me a review copy of this so that I can, well, review it and stuff. Don't be stingy just because you're only making 750!

First 4 Figures gives us another version of Samus' gunship photo

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