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[UPDATED] figma Link and figma Samus return this winter

8:30 PM on 05.06.2013 // Martin Siggers

A second chance to grab Nintendo's heroes

[Update: They've also been listed over at Anime Island, so it looks like this re-issue is definitely happening. Pre-order links added below]

It's no secret that Max Factory's recent line of Nintendo figmas has been wildly popular, and both The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword's Link and Metroid's Samus were smash hits, making their way into thousands of homes. Unfortunately, this also means that those who couldn't snag pre-orders for one reason or another were left with the prospect of colossal aftermarket prices, with sealed versions of either easily topping US$100.

Despair not though, because today Big Bad Toy Store has listed both Link and Samus for new releases in the fourth quarter of this year. The listing notes that this will be an entirely new production run, not just leftover stock floating about, so it's a proper full on re-release. Even better, they say that the licensing issues which prevented an American release have been solved, so now official distributors will be able to carry them.

Naturally, this is nothing but fantastic news for all the fans out there who missed them the first time and weren't willing to be bled dry on the resale market. There'll no doubt be more news as time goes by, but if you're sure you want them you can hit up BBTS right now for pre-orders.

[Pre-order Link at Big Bad Toy Store | Anime Island]

[Pre-order Samus at Big Bad Toy Store | Anime Island]

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