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figma Amazing Spider-Man slings into previews

1:35 PM on 07.18.2013 // Andres Cerrato

But I don't think he can do everything a spider can

[update: added pre-order links! Release December, retail ¥4,500]

You have more than enough options if you want a figure of Spider-Man. Plenty of entries, made by a multitude of companies, offer Spidey to be able to pose in a multitude of ways. Now you have a new entry by figma which won't be able to pull off most of them.

While figma are well-articulated, we've seen Spidey do a lot more. One thing that Max Factory was able to do really well with this figure is the paint job and replication of the texturing of the costume. The paint really does pop out and you can see yourself buying it if for just that. His accessories are also different from what we'd usually see, as he comes with two webs, a cell phone and a backpack. That's right! A Spider-Man backpack, what I've always wanted with him!

For those who are interested in the web-slinger, he'll be shipping out in December for ¥4,800. At that price, maybe you can pass on this. If you do though, you won't be able to have Spider-Man walk, talk, and with a backpack!

[Images via figma Blog]
[Pre-order at: AmiAmi | HLJ

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