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Fight bad guys with Skelanimals DC Heroes Series 2

5:00 PM on 01.16.2013 // Natalie Kipper

I guess there are some baddies in the set too...

You know those genius kind of toys? The ones that you didn't think of but seriously wish you did (and owned the rights to them)? Toynami's Skelanimals DC Heroes line, a mash-up of adorable animals and mighty comic book characters, is one of those toys.  The first series featured Chungkee the panda as the Green Lantern, Dax the dog as Superman, Jack the rabbit as The Flash, Jae the wolf as Batman. 

They now have Series 2 of their plushes up for pre-order (US$27.99 each) and I am having a mighty hard time finding a reason not to plop down the cash right now. Set to ship in May, fans will find Pen the penguin tranformed in Robin the Boy Wonder, Kit the cat turned into Wonder Woman, Marcy the monkey cosplaying as Harley Quinn, and Pudge the turtle dressed as Bane. In my opinion, Series 2 looks even more impressive then its precursor. I love the choices of character pairs and the outfits look smashing. I'm freaking crazy about Pen/Robin and Marcy/ Harley Quinn. They have definitely been added to my "must-own-in-the-future" list.

What do you think of this cross-over, readers? 

[Pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store: Pen/Robin | Marcy/Harley Quinn | Kit/WonderWoman | Pudge/Bane ]

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