Fate/Zero's Saber and her Yamaha V-MAX ...in color!

8:30 AM on 12.15.2011

Hey, remember how Mikatan said something about color photos of Fate/Zero's Saber and her Yamaha V-MAX popping up soon in the upcoming TYPE-MOON Ace? Yeah. That was released and yikes! I said those prototype photos were hot but these new photos has me making incoherent sounds of joy.

I don't think I have anything left in me to praise this figure. It will definitely be one of the top figures of 2012. Saber in suit on shiny motorcycle? Sold! A complaint I'm seeing is that the bike is rather small compared to Saber but come on! How often is there a chance to get a figure like this? I for one will let something like that slide because, again, its an amazing and gorgeous figure all around.

I'm not going to bore you with the same words and ga-ga-noises from my mouth as I have before about how hot Saber and her ride are. So, I'll leave you folks to do just that in the comments. Now that it's in color, what do you think? Besides hot, sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, etc...

[via 2chan]

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