Fansproject Shadow Scyther up for pre-order, not even painted yet

12:00 PM on 09.06.2010 // Nabeel "Touya" Mohammed

Wow, I had only brought you schematics of this thing over the weekend, and it's up for pre-order already!

Here's what we know so far. Fansproject intends for this upgrade set to be an exclusive to TFSource. Being that it's made to fit Shattered Glass Rodimus or Gentei Wildrider, they are producing this only in limited amounts to go with the limited amounts of those figures produced. The included elements also lists an "Evil Face" accessory, which indicates to me that this may be painted purple. Why? Because that says to me that they're going to paint on Shatter Glass Rodimus' goatee onto the face, thus making it an upgrade for that toy specifically.

I still am in love with that scythe though. Pictures on show the scythe able to take three full modes. Scythe, spear and a really awesome looking sword. 

You can place your pre-order here for about $94.99, but dude, you gotta be the hardcore of the hardcore to get this. 


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Nabeel "Touya" Mohammed,
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