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Famitsu selects their color for Persona 4 Arena's Labrys

1:00 PM on 11.02.2012 // Jonathan Tubbs

The Enterbrain web store gets another exclusive figma from Persona 4 Arena.

[Updated: This figure is now available via GSC's Global Online Shop!]

It was yesterday that we posted the pre-order information for Max Factory's figma Labrys from Persona 4 Arena but that isn't the only version of this figure to be released. As tipped by community member Pooka, figma Labrys would be receiving her own special color just like Aegis.

Photos and pre-order information are now available for the Persona 4 Arena figma Labrys Famitsu Original Color figure and surprise! It's an exclusive! ...okay, not really a surprise. This special edition figure exchanges the light colors of Labrys for colors that were available through a special download code featured in Weekly Famitsu. The colors may look familiar to a certain character that also appears in the Persona world. The Famitsu Original Color vesion of Labrys is based on the female protagonist in Persona 3 Portable which explains why I find myself drawn in by the colors.

The Persoan 4 Arena figma Labrys Famitsu Original Color figure features all the same parts and features as the standard version. She's available for 4,800 through Entertain web store ebten and will be released in March, 2013. Ordering this special edition of Labrys will also net you a postcard with art and sprites of Labrys.

Are you fine with the standard release of figma Labrys or are you already contacting your preferred proxy service?

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