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ESC-Toy customizing Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife

1:00 PM on 05.11.2013 // Natalie Kipper

Notice the '????' in the image?

A tweet appeared yesterday afternoon on the ESC-Toy feed that I think many of you will be excited (or at least greatly curious) about. It contained a teaser image bearing the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children logo and an outline of Cloud Strife from the back with the words "Erick Scarecrow custom Cloud Soldier & ????" The tweet mentioned that the figure was confirmed but without a definitive release date. I can't help but wonder who the question marks represent. My guess would be Sephiroth. What do you guys think?

 Erick made a  custom Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII-2 a while back and I wonder if Cloud will be handled the same way, by which I mean, with what looks like an official figure that he repaints rather than a brand new sculpt. Until we get more information, I guess we will just have to wait and be left to our imagination.

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Natalie Kipper, Associate Editor/Plush Guru
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