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Erik Scarecrow's completed OG Nathan Drake look fantastic

6:00 PM on 09.20.2011 // Pedro Cortes

We've been posting about Erik Scarecrow's Nathan Drake for a while over here on Tomopop and it's pretty easy to see why. You take a popular artist with a unique style and have him work on a popular video game character and you've got yourself a recipe for hype. Today I finally can show you how the OG colorway of Drake looks like, not just a tiny teaser. Coming in at seven inches, the combined vinyl and PVC figure lives up to the hype I'd been building up for the last couple of weeks. It combines the simplicity of vinyl design with wonderful little details like Drake's stubble, spiky hair and expressive eyebrows. He's definitely worth the $50 and $15 shipping that he'll cost you. Better act quick too, he's limited to 500 pieces and he comes with some DLC for the third game in the series, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

This is definitely one of my favorite vinyl pieces that I've come across. Granted, I don't peek into the vinyl world very often, but I've seen enough in my time at Tomopop to see some quality stuff. I truly wish I had the money to pick up Nathan, but I'll unfortunately have to pass on him and Uncharted 3, much to my chagrin. Looks like I'm going to have to resort to hooking on the street corner. Oh well. Anybody else going to pick up ol' Nathan here?

[Pre-order ESC's Nathan Drake: OG | Naughty Dog Colorway]

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