Email me when available: TRU lists MP Thundercracker

4:00 PM on 09.09.2012

Toys "R" Us now has their store-exclusive Masterpiece Thundercracker listed on their website and some people already have their copy in-hand. The only problem? It's currently out of stock, meaning you have to opt in to an availability alert email.

As previously noted, I'm extremely excited for Masterpiece Thundercracker who will most likely be my first Masterpiece-class figure (provided I can get a copy). Given the store exclusivity and rumors of limited availability, you can expect this to be a very hot item meaning that scalpers should be out in full force. The Toys "R" Us site lists MP Thundercracker as US$70 (a price that may vary in brick & mortar stores) so expect to see scalpers selling it for double that. If you want to avoid those opportunistic arbitragers, be sure to check back on the website and your local stores.

[ Watch for it here ]

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