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e-HOBBY puts exclusive Magnificus under the microscope

7:10 PM on 04.19.2013 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Exclusive revealed in extensive gallery.

[Update: The official Transformers Collectors' Club has announced and begun pre-orders for Magnificus. He'll be US$82 plus shipping for both members and non-members of the club. Pre-orders will be charged in full at the time of order and should be shipping in the fall.]

Last week e-HOBBY teased us with art and release plans for their upcoming exclusive Transformers Magnificus figure and as expected we now have an extensive gallery. Turns out he's exactly what people expected him to be, a black and red repaint of Reveal the Shield Perceptor with a new head modeled on the G1 figure. The gallery also includes a look at the packaging which is done in the Generations style, but uses a box rather than the card other deluxe Generations figures use. Unfortunately there's no sign of his Microman partner, Ga'mede. To celebrate the new figure's release e-HOBBY Magazine has put together a short article and gallery on the original figure which is available in English. 

Unfortunately e-HOBBY does not ship outside Japan so if you want one you'll want to ask your favorite proxy to get this for you or go through an importer. There is a chance that the Transformers Collectors Club will be getting this as part of their partnership with e-HOBBY, but there's no word on that as of yet. I kinda want one, but I'm not so sure I'm willing to pay what it'll cost to get. 

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