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e-HOBBY exclusive Magnificus might be magnificent

9:00 PM on 03.20.2013 // Jeremy Emerje Crocker

Teaser image appears today based on 2005 exclusive.

Good ol' e-HOBBY. You can always count on them to make some interesting and highly sought after Transformers exclusives. Looks like their latest is going to draw from their past by giving Reveal the Shield Perceptor a fresh repaint to resemble their 2005 exclusive Decepticon Manificus figure. This is fitting since that figure was a black repaint of the G1 Perceptor reissue and came with Microman Ga'Mede made to commemorate the then 30th anniversary of Microman and 20th anniversary of the Transformers. It was released a year behind the anniversaries, but whatever. 

The new Magnificus features the same colors as the original which were actually the colors used on the figure that would become Perceptor in the Takara Microchange line. The new figure will also feature a new head mold resembling that of the G1 head. No word yet on if he'll come with a little Ga'Mede figure, too. He'll run ¥5,500 with pre-orders beginning March 26 and running through May 8. No release date has been given, but expect more info when we get it. There's some speculation that the Transformers Collectors Club might be offering this as well since they've worked together on some exclusives lately and they repurposed Magnificus as Shattered Glass Perceptor. We'll see!

[via Autobase]

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