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Dudebox debuts Thursday

6:00 PM on 05.08.2012 // Brian Szabelski

Make room for another new designer toy company, as Britain's Dudebox has its big debut on Thursday. Founded by Robert Beecham, Dudebox is a London-based company that's hoping to work with both established and new artists. Judging from their announced roster of artists so far, that certainly seems to be the case, as there are some familiar names and plenty of ones I've never heard of before! (Also, as a fun note, according to Dudebox, creators they work with are "both paid for their designs as well as participating in ongoing royalties," which sounds like a pretty fair way of doing business.) 

After the jump, we've got a few more details about Dudebox's first product, The Dude, as well as the show that will kick things off!

First out of the gate, we have The Dude. Designed by German character designer and graffiti artist Mark Gmehling, The Dude is the fellow you see above who kind of looks like, at least to me, a bear or a giant hamster. For their first release, The Dude will be part of the Big Bang mini-figure series, a blind-boxed assortment of 10 designs across three different Dude shapes. They'll be priced at £6.95 for a blind-boxed figure, as well as £34.95 for a bigger 8-inch Dude.

Now, The Dude is only the first of several planned figures from Dudebox, and Big Bang is the first of the series they have planned. Also coming are two series: the Super Amazing Spectacular collection, which features 10 different designs across the three Dude shapes; and the Mad, Bad and Most Wanted blind-boxed series that will feature beast, bad guys and things that go bump in the night. 

On top of all that, Dudebox has assembled a roster of artists they're working with that includes Pete Fowler, Attaboy, Jonny Wan, Yok, Chauskoskis, Travis Price and many more. And speaking of artists ...

Yes, they've put together a custom show featuring their Dude figure for the launch party this Thursday! As you can see, there's quite a nice line-up for the custom show, too: A Little Stranger, Chauskoskis, Conzo, Dan Leo, Dolly Oblong, Fadeworks, Fakir, Farkfk, Fel3000ft, Felt Mistress, Hicks, Keith Poon, Map-Map, Okkle, Ryca, Selph Esp, Sergio Mancini, Sourbones, Squink! and more will have custom pieces in the show, though we're not getting any peeks yet. Should be a pretty good show from that line-up alone!

The launch fun begins Thursday at a special event at Village Underground in Shoreditch, London, U.K.; it's unfortunately a little too far for me to make it out on such short notice (I can't swim that far) but it should be a fun event none the less, and if there's any big news, we'll be sure to let you guys know!

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