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Diamond Select Toys: Femme Fatales Atom Eve

DST's Atom Eve & Ghostbusters firehouse up for pre-order

6:00 PM on 12.18.2012 // Scarecroodle

What do they have in common? Well, they both went up for pre-order today

Diamond Select Toys' Femme Fatales Atom Eve and the Ghostbusters light-up firehouse mini-statue are now available for pre-order. I discussed the Ghostbusters light-up firehouse and Atom Eve a fair deal recently but didn't have the proper release information at the time. However, it would appear that Atom Eve is slated for a February September release while the Ghosbusters light-up firehouse is due out in June.

The Femme Fatales Atom Eve stands around 9-inches tall and has a list price of US$45 (currently available for US$40 on BBTS). The Ghostbusters light-up firehouse is around 7-inches tall and has a US$70 list price (currently available for US$65 on BBTS). Bearing in mind that the Ghostbusters firehouse mini-statue is limited to just under two thousand pieces, I may still end up holding off pre-ordering it right away just to see what the rest of (the quickly becoming very expensive) 2013 will look like.

[ Pre-order Atom Eve | Ghostbusters firehouse from Big Bad Toy Store ]

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