Drink up! Matt JOnes announces new Lunartik cups

10:00 PM on 09.27.2011

I have a confession to make Tomopop, I have an addiction. I'm hopelessly addicted to tea. Doesn't matter what kind, earl grey, green, various herbal teas, I drink it all. Thankfully, Matt JOnes is here to feed my addiction with these adorable cups!

Probably the most obvious marketing idea ever, but new to the Lunartik online store is the Classic Cup Collection. Each mug features the face of a different tea from the Cup of Tea series, appropriately named White, Ice, Rosie Lee, the Earl, and Green. Each one is made from bone china and will run you about £7.50 (or roughly US$12) a piece and you can pick them up at the Lunartik shop. The cups are due for release this Thursday; I know I'm going to be picking up one (..or five), but what about you Tomopoppers?

[via Lunartik Blog]

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