Dragon's Crown receiving PVC figures by trio of companies

12:30 PM on 07.22.2013

Andres Cerrato

Associate Editor

Megahouse has experience with this kind of stuff

Dragon's Crown is releasing this week, and as any notable IP does, it's time to milk it for all its worth. With the designs of the Atlus title already being infamous enough as they are, the upcoming PVC figures by Alphamax, Megahouse and Vertex should attract just as much attention. The first of these to enter the sculpt stage is Alphamax's exaggeratedly busty, Sorceress.

With contentions regarding the character design pushed to the side, the sculpt by Alphamax is rather exceptional. While the design may shift eyes chestward, there is a lot of detail in the costume and skeleton base that make the piece more than a pair of boobs. Granted, I don't think anyone will buy this piece for some sweet skeletal base needs.

Megahouse plans to get in on the action as well, with the debut of the Amazon and Elf and WonFes later this week. In addition, Vertex will be making a 1/1 scale piece of Tiki, a fairly who will lead players in the game and hopefully not be as annoying as Navi. In any case, Megahouse will reveal their figures at WonFes, hopefully the other companies will reveal their details there as well.

[Images via Figsoku]

[Update: Sorceress PVC was incorrectly attributed as being made by Megahouse. Corrections to the article have since been made.]

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