Double your fetish with Clayz's School Swimsuit Maid

3:00 PM on 10.27.2012

Emily Smalara

Associate Editor

I'm not usually a huge fan of Clayz or the whole "throw every fetish at a wall and see what sticks" type of figure, but for once, they seem to have gotten one that actually works! It helps that source material from the wonderful Tony Taka helps, with what seems to be some great work on the figure itself by Takeshi Miyagawa.

I think a major part of the appeal is both the maid uniform and school swimsuit alike are white in color, making for a very seamless, unified look rather than having the typical navy blue swimsuit clash and stand out so noticeably. The ribbons add a nice splash of color to keep things from getting too dull, and of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention her lovely twintails. Those long, Miku (or Sona!)-style tails are right up my alley!

This is definitely one I'd like to keep an eye on when she shows up in March, and if you feel the same you'll be able to pick her up for about ¥9.800.

[ Pre-order at AmiAmi ]

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