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Dorohedoro's Caiman available for pre-order

12:28 PM on 04.24.2008 // Qais Fulton

I love it when a toy introduces me to media perfectly suited to my tastes that somehow previously escaped my notice.  When J-List announced they were accepting pre-orders for their Caiman PVC figure I had no idea what Caiman, or Dorohedoro, the manga he is the star of, was.  I only knew that the figure looked great.

The victim of a curse that turned his head into that of a lizard, Caiman stalks the landscape of a post-apocalyptic world killing magic users in a search for the person that cursed him (which, of course, he can't remember thanks to the curse). I really shouldn't need to talk the manga up any more than that. Murderous lizardmen, wizards, and a post-apocalyptic setting? I'll take two.

The Caiman figure stands at eight inches and comes with an ax, display stand, gyoza figure strap, and a second gasmasked that can be switched out for his reptialian cranium. Expect Caiman to be released in May, but in order to ensure you get your grubby paws on this post-apocalyptic beauty head on over to J-List to pre-order yours now. At $90 the figure is a bit pricey but for fans of the Dorohedoro manga or simply post-apocalyptic imagery in general this is definitely a must have.

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Qais Fulton,
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