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Dollfie Dream Aoko and Melty fully previewed by Volks

11:00 AM on 11.08.2012

A complete look at the dolls of Aoko from Mahou Tsukai no Yoru Aoko and Melty from Shining Hearts

Just a few days ago, Volks officially revealed on their Dollfie Dream blog that dolls of Aoko Aozaki from TYPE-MOON's visual novel Mahou Tsuaki no Yoru and Melty from SEGA's role-playing game Shining Hearts would be the next two entries into this series of dolls. With the announcement come and gone, Volks is now giving the complete preview of these two lovely lady dolls.

With the closer look at Dollfie Dream Aoko, I'm finding myself a little smitten by her face design. Those intense eyes with those lips are looking rather attractive on this doll. As noted on the blog, it's rather similar to the head of Saber. Really, it's the picture of her swishing hair as she moves it out of her face that's tugging at me. Another quality of this doll that I think adds to her beauty is the outfit. The dress over a long sleeve turtleneck, tights, and those boots make for a pretty outfit. 

Dollfie Dream Sister Melty is just as lovely, especially since she comes with an outfit that's unusual but still pretty. The laced up stockings and gloves along topped off with some frills are lovely. Speaking of frills, you get plenty of that with her layered dress. One thing I'm not use to is that this doll doesn't have a large bust. See what you did to me Tony Taka! My mind should not default to large busts when thinking of your work! The face is okay, carrying a mature with those eyes and mouth. The head mold is also modified to have elf ears as well as earrings which is nifty. Of course we must forget that swanky hat of hers. Also that she includes her familiar Sorbet, this is one of the niftier Dollfie Dream releases.

Both will be on display at the upcoming Dolpa 28. Still no word yet on an international release but we'll keep you posted once that information becomes available.


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