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Doktor A's 'Amnesia Primm' steals my heart and replaces it with gears

9:00 PM on 03.08.2011 // Brigitte Coovert

We may have just posted about the Doktor A "Mr. Whistlecraft’s Tarnished Day Dreams" solo show, opening April 1st 2011 at Iksentrik, but that doesn't mean more pieces aren't being teased! The Doktor has just revealed the shocking gorgeous flier beauty, Amnesia Primm, and I am in awe. This piece is completely masterful and whoever adds it to their collection has my eternal jealousy.

Amnesia Primm also has the distinction of being the first piece teased for the show that isn't a custom toy piece, she is indeed an assemblage that includes metal parts, paper, vinyl, and found objects. Like all of his pieces so far, she also has a charming back story:

Poor Amnesia has no short term memory. She simple cannot afford it. Unfortunately she does not remember this fact. This sadly leads to terrible bouts of paranoia. She is convinced that someone else is living in her house with her, though she has never actually seen them. Things change position without her recalling moving them. Food is eaten when she is out of the room and her books and letters rearrange themselves on the shelves. She has taken to locking each and every door as she leaves the room in an attempt  to hinder the interloper. However keeping track of all the different keys is extremely taxing.

I have to say that this is probably my all-time favorite Doktor A creation, I cannot scrape my jaw off the floor. How is Amnesia affecting you, is your heart all a flutter or are you left cold?

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