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Dogs that look like people!

9:00 PM on 04.01.2010 // Joshua Hayes

Ever see a dog who looked like a person? I know I sure have! Thanks to the internet, I can now show you lots of pictures of dogs that look like people. Ugly people, pretty people, fake people, and even Woody Allen are all here in dog form!

Seriously, this my favorite thing I've ever worked on. First finding dogs who looked fabulous enough to post and then matching them up with who they looked like. It was a dream come true! Thanks to Tomopup for letting me share all this! And a big thanks Yatulja for being awesome!

Hit the jump for people who look like dogs!

It is indeed morphing time!


Remember that movie with Jodie Foster? Not the one with the pinball table, the one with the guy who throws stuff in her face on her way to meet this Hannibal guy? This dog looks just like Hannibal Lecter. 


These wonderful puppy investigates look for crime as a private dick!


This dog wants to get you in your dreams!


What jerk let this pussy cat in here?


A dog who looks like Darth Vader or a Darth Vader who looks like a dog?


These dogs judge Kid N Play.


Trained to shoot only the well trained Vietcong. 


Here's a dog that reminded me of the way Morgan Webb looked on Tech TV. Before that big makeover. At least the dog thought this was funny!

Thanks for spoiling Persona 3 bitch!

What are you dense? This is the adorable god damned Batman.


This dog will snorkle you.


Hey is that George Clooney?


This dog likes basketball almost as much as this guy!


Ever see a dog putting on the ritz?


The Yautja is represented here better than his recent film and video game depictions!


Woody Allen as a dog.


This lady looks a lot like this dog!


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Joshua Hayes,
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