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Do you like Marvel Legends? Do you hate paying a lot of money? Walmart has the hook-up

1:30 PM on 11.22.2016 // Scarecroodle

Who doesn't love a sale?

Long-time readers probably know that, while I'm a fan of the Marvel Legends line, the price hikes over the years have been insane. Back when Hasbro re-launched the line, the figures were about US$13 but since then the MSRP has jumped all the way to US$20. What's a collector to do?

While the answer has often been "wait for a clearance" (or take a chance at it showing up at TJ Maxx), this time has the answer. The Walmart site has discounted dozens of Marvel Legends, pricing them between US$11.50 and US$13, including almost all of the recent X-Men-centric Juggernaut BAF wave (the exceptions? Wolverine and Deadpool, which it has listed from a reseller).

To top it off, is offering free shipping on purchases of US$50 or more (which is great if you're buying a wave) and, if you're not buying that many, you could always save money by using the site-to-store option to have it sent to your local Walmart.

Highlights include:

  • Venom (Absorbing Man wave) for US$11.98
  • Rogue (Juggernaut wave) for US$11.92
  • Nick Fury (MCU Giant Man wave) for US$11.98
  • Phoenix/Jean Grey (Juggernaut wave) for US$11.98

The BAF waves that have at least a few figures discounted to US$13 or less are the Juggernaut, Abomination, MCU Giant Man, Hulkbuster, Red Skull Onslaught, and Absorbing Man waves. However, it seems like at least one figure from each wave is either more expensive or not available at all.

The selection was slightly bigger a few weeks ago, with some of the more coveted figures like Spider-Gwen and Namor also available at discount but those have since sold out and are now only available through Walmart's third-party sellers.

Honestly, the sale makes me wish I had waited on a number of figures because I thought I had got a great deal paying US$15-16 apiece for figures from the Absorbing Man and Red Onslaught waves. On the plus side, I'm happy I waited to get anything from the Juggernaut wave (which I hadn't planned on completing) and I'm tempted to go back to pick up the Abomination and MCU Giant Man waves.

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