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Last week I got in such a Dragon Ball related frenzy as a result of S.H. Figuarts bringing Trunks stateside and Bluefin Tamashii Nations USA holding a poll asking who we'd like seen converted into a badass action figure next (the contest is still going and Krillin's started to show some promise, so go vote). All of the thoughts of my favorite character getting the figure treatment brought out a list of 10 Dragon Ball characters I wanted done next in my perfect world, but again, things were far from over. We opened the question up to the other writers here at Tomopop as I wanted to share the DBZ love (and convince Pedro to push the Tomocast episode up by a few months), so here's most likely the last article in this line, a special DO WANT edition for the Tomostaff to share their picks for the next S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball character. Hit the jump and find out their picks!

Jonathon Tubbs wants Videl:


Wow. It's been ages since I've watched the show. This is going to take me a while to think ab... Videl! Short hair version! NOW! The tough gal was an early anime crush of mine thus is why she must be made. ...plus I thought the Gohan x Videl thing was cute. NOW MAKE IT! While they're at it, let's get a Great Saiyawoman version of her, too!

...and if they are being made? ...well, splendid then!

Natalie Kipper wants Rebjorn from Dragon Quest:


While I might not be the biggest Dragon Ball enthusiast, I definitely appreciate Toriyama-san's work in the Dragon Quest series, especially involving the series' monsters. I would love to see a S. H. Figuarts of the monster Rebjorn, hopefully based on his Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 appearance. He could come with a bonfire accessory and have the option to switch to his knocked-unconscious face.

Rio McCarthy wants Yamcha, Zarbon, and Bulma (in this outfit):


Oh gosh.. Chris.. You opened up a wormhole that can never be closed!! Since two of my favorite characters have already been put into the S. H. Figuarts series (Vegeta and Trunks) that takes out two choices, but there are a truckload I wish I could have still! I'll bend the rules a little, because well, what are you gonna do, beat me up? SEE YOU AT THE TOURNAMENT!! Anywho! My THREE figures I want, that I could narrow it down to, would be Dragon Ball era Yamcha, Bulma in a specific outfit, and Zarbon.

Let me explain a little.. I'd love a Yamcha the Desert Bandit figure, complete with a little Puar to go with him. There's just something about that original design of Yamcha's that I loved most. The Bulma figure is tricky for me, because there's one outfit of hers that has always been my favorite. It's this random one where she has one leg that's shorts and one that's pants, and it's a bit of a motocross outfit. Yeah, if they gave her that outfit I'd actually buy a Bulma figure. Last, but not least, is Zarbon! Yes, random as hell baddies for the win! Of course it has to be the attractive Zarbon I had a crush on as a kid, not the creepy one after he's transformed. Unless.. they made the transformation his accessories!


Brian Szabelski wants Mr. Popo, the Ginyu Force, Nappa, and Kid Goku:

Mr Popo and Goku

Mr. Popo.


... Okay fine. More than just that. Let's do the entire Ginyu Force, too, so I can recreate their pose. Oh, and good ol' God dammit Nappa, in either regular or ghost version.


A Kid Goku Nendo would be really nice, too, Good Smile Company and Bandai, hmm? *nudge* HMM? *harder nudge* HMMM?!?!?! *stiff elbow shot to ribs*

Chris Seto wants General Tao and agrees about Jackie Chun and Mr. Satan:

Mercenary Tao


It's been ages since I watched DBZ and I am pretty well served already with SSJ2 Gohan and a likely Perfect Cell incoming. SSJ2 Gohan vs Perfect Cell is probably my favourite fight within the entire series!

But if we go a little further back, I do have a soft spot for (non cyborg) General Tao with his pose when he's riding on an oversized projectile and Jacky Cheung!!

Oh and we NEED a Mr Satan!!! It must be done!!!

Andres Cerrato wants everything, apparently:

Bulma and Krillin

Okay, I'm going to kind of hate myself for giving Bandai this idea, but it's nothing really new. I want the Namek Saga set for Figuarts/Figuarts Zero. For starters, I'm tired of puny Dragon Balls that can fit in my hand. I like my Dragon Balls big, bulky and to require to the use of both arms to carry. That said, package a Dragon Ball with each figure so we buy them all. Here's how the lineup goes:

SH Figuarts Bulma, Krillin and Gohan (original Namek attires, armor versions come later), Dodoria, Zarbon, Vegeta (must include optional right hand with middle finger and arm to hold Dragon Ball), and Final Form (not 100%) Frieza. Each comes with a Dragon Ball. Bulma comes with the Dragon Radar, Krillin gets the Destructo Disk effect part, Gohan comes packed with a Figuarts Zero Dende.  Figuarts Zero will get the Ginyu Force in their respective poses, Frieza first form with hoverchair, Great Elder Guru, and to top it off, Porunga, with the base having slots to place the Dragon Balls, in which they can light up. Tell me you wouldn't collect them all to do this.

Mind you, this is just the Namek Saga...

As far as what else I'd like to see, I'd like for Nappa to finally get an SH Figuarts. I know people will ask for Mr. Popo for the obvious reason, but how can you have Popo without Kami? I'd personally just be satisfied with a Figuarts Zero of those two. Roshi is one that has to be made, complete with magazines and that turtle. Other releases that could be done, Yamcha with Puar, Tien with Chaotzu, and Broly with all hair variations.

I honestly have way too many ideas, especially if I take in Figuarts Zero. I would make Pranger go into being a bottom bitch with the full catalog I have in my mind.

And that sounds like a conclusion if ever there was one! Side note for those curious: My Top 10 was shortened from a Top 15. The five characters that got the axe? Mr. Popo, Nappa (sans armor), Bulma in the exact outfit Rio described, Kid Buu, and Spike the Devil Man. Behinds the scenes mayhem to articles!

So yes, I'm done, we're done, everyone's done on this end, but are you done? We got some great responses the first time, so let's hear some more! Don't stop until everything's been made into a Figuarts of some sort! See you in the Other World!

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