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If money flowed like water from a faucet, then all of us on staff would be able to grant our deepest wishes. Unfortunately, the flow of money is more akin to the tiny trickle that you hear coming from your tub at night, so we're relegated to the world of wishes. That's why, fine ladies and gentlemen of the Tomopop community, I bring to you the DO WANT. Here, we spill our guts about what we'd like to have on our shelves, desks, bedside tables and any general flat surface in our lives if we had the scratch.

This month, you can expect to see:

  • One badass commander
  • Some fairly powerful villains
  • A group of powerful kitties that are no more
  • Alcohol and resin kits
  • and more!

Hit the jump to find out more!

Rio wants...Final Fantasy Creature Kai Vol. 5 Kefka & Play Arts Kai Rufus

Oh my God.. There are two absolute ties for me this month! Which hasn't happened for a while, but you'll see why immediately. For one. Um.. KEFKA! Need I say more? At the tail end of last month we finally saw the color shots of Kefka in his colorful attire in the form of a Final Fantasy Creatures Kai figure in Volume 5. While I would have loved a Play Arts Kai version of him ( I mean seriously, who wouldn't?! ) I can happily say that I got that wish in the form of one of my other most beloved Final Fantasy characters; Rufus Shinra! My favorite characters from both Final Fantasy VI and VII getting figures? It's a fangirl's dream come true!


Jon wants...ALTAiR's Jude Mathis & Alter's Majokko Mirakurun

There are a couple of things that caught my interest this month. However I need to face reality a little bit. I know, a rare and painful thing to do huh? I'm running low on space. So I'm going to get myself some display cabinets, either the Ikea Klingsbo or Detolf. I am leaning towards buying a pair or trio of Klingsbo and will let you all know what I think of them.

In terms of figurines though, two came out at the end of August but I can't stop thinking about them I can't wait to get Jude Mathis by Alter. I love almost every one of Alters statues and anything Tales related, combine the two and I get very excited!

I'm on the fence on whether or not I should purchase Alters Mikarun. She is adorable, but I have not pre-ordered her yet so it wasn't an instant sell for me. I know I will regret it if I do not buy her though. I'm sure I will cave in once I balance my budget for the month! 


Natalie wants...Bandai's Over Knight Blazer D-Arts

And now for something a little surreal, I am going to WANT something that is not a plush. I am a card carrying Wild ARMs fangirl so the fact that the series so near and dear to my heart is getting some attention makes me ecstatic. Sure, all we have is a teaser image to go on for now but, you know what, I don't care! I have high hopes for this figure and given what I have seen from the previous Knight Blazer, I am sure this figure will be all kinds of awesome. 


Tian wants...a whole lot of stuff

Man, a lot of stuff I want was revealed in the last few days. We'll start off with the NSFW stuff like Orchid Seed/Hobby Japan's Seven Deadly Sins figures. The newly revealed Lucifer looks pretty magnificent, but she's got nothing on Leviathan which is cute, sexy, and annoyingly exclusive. Next up is some Persona 4 merch. I'm diggingPhat Company's Protagonist and Rise twin pack, as well as MegaHouse's High Priestess Rise. I'll end on a random item: NECA's Clubber Lang. I'm not a huge Rocky fan or anything, I just think having a Mr. T figure is awesome.


Jeremy wants...eHobby's Shattered Glass Soundwave VS Blaster

We've seen G1 Soundwave in blue, we've seen him in black, now we get to see him in white! I'm a sucker for some repaints, especially when they have a crazy back story like this figure has. Not only that but I really love Transformers tapes so getting five more in this set is like a wish come true. Oh yeah, you also get a newly colored Blaster. Only down side is the price, that's a lot of money to throw down during the holiday season, especially one that's cramming in so much must-have figure goodness like this year. On the other hand this set is certain to double in value or more so I could think of it as an investment... Decisions, decisions.


Chris wants...some more alcohol. Oh, and charagumin Alicia Melchiotte & Ryozuji Akane

I'm rather tired and a little drunk from a weekend of videogaming at our annual Eurogamer Expo (sorta like our PAX) so this may just be ramblings but I don't have anything for my DO WANT this month!

Nope, I have absolutely no interest in the charagumin Alicia Melchiotte or Ryozuji Akane from the volks Hobby round 8 items list. Nope, no interest at all... *Sigh*


Scarecroodle wants...the Thundercats back!

All I want for September is my ThunderCats line back. How DARE the line go into limbo with likely cancellation before Bandai gave us classic versions of Cheetara, Panthro, and the Thunderkittens.... plus Jackalman and Monkian (ooh!  ooh!). I suppose out of the stuff that we know to actually be coming out, my big want is the D-Arts classic Mega Man set but I'd trade its existence off in a second to continue the ThunderCats line if that's what it takes. I'm also hyped for the upcoming TDK Joker whom we saw as a prototype recently. Plus I should give a nod toSputnik Supplies' b-list movie-themed merch. It's a shame that the company isn't better known.

Oh, not to mention that the Icon Heroes' ThunderCats stuff is also in limbo for whatever reason. I pre-ordered theirJackalman back in June 2011 and, at the time, it had an early-ish 2012 release. Now each month that release date seems to get bumped back yet another month. On a brighter note, I was overjoyed to see NECA's Mogwai series 3 go from an uncertain future to a slated first quarter 2013  release. I was blown away when I first saw Stripe on display some time ago and his upcoming mass release means that I don't have to go to drastic measures to obtain a copy.



Brian and Pedro want...Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Commander Shepard


Wow. Just, wow. While I've been a fan of Yamashita's designs over the course of Koto's Bishoujo releases, they occasionally barely resemble the character they're supposed to represent. This time, Koto nailed it. Hard. I liked the original sketch, but the final sculpt and paint job seals this purchase for me. Now, I want me a Tali. You hear me Koto? Yamashita? Please?



First figure in a long time to make me go from indifference to WANT in 60 seconds. The first sketches had me thinking this would be an utterly forgettable figure, but now, she's a very early candidate for 2013 Figure of the Year in my book. No, seriously. Gorgeous sculptwork, a face that looks good and a pose that feels a bit more natural than the original sketches? Sign me up.

And Pedro, Bishoujo Miranda comes before Tali, but after Bishounen Blasto. Search your feelings ... you know it to be true.


Nay, my good Brian. Tali goes before all. I'm also going to have to negate your Bishounen Blasto to promote Bishounen Garrus. He will have both the reach and the flexibility. No one will be able to resist.


So that's what we all want. Let us peak in your heart chamber and tell us what you want in the comments!

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