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DO WANT: October 2012 Edition

9:00 AM on 10.31.2012 // Pedro Cortes

Give me ALL the PVC.

Another month, another set of toys for the Tomo crew to lust over. That's right, it's time for the DO WANT, the list that reminds us that our eyes are bigger than our wallets. This month, you can expect:

  • Sexy commanders
  • a clingy pony
  • a magical lady
  • tanned robots
  • and more!

Hit the jump to find out more!

Pedro wants...Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Commander Shepard

Hey, would you look at that, I want something Mass Effect related again. It's no surprise though, as Yamashita's take on Shepard does a good job of balancing cute with bad ass. On top of that, the transition into 3D looks great. I'll definitely snatch her up come Spring 2013.


Natalie wants...WeLoveFine's Rainbow Dash Hug Me Backpack

While I might not be as knowledgable a MLP fan as Rio, I definitely appreciate this plush backpack. It's just so cute and I love that her face actually looks like it does in the show. I would totally rock this collectible any time I needed to go someplace trendy (like, uh, the mall?). Maybe, if I wish hard enough, they'll make a Derpy Hooves or Fluttershy one next.


Tian wants...Angels. TONS OF THEM

I want Angels. ALL OF THEM. The one thing the Robot Damashii Side Eva line always lacked was a proper adversary, but we finally got a glimpse of them at Tamashii Nation 2012. Who doesn't want to reenact Rei selflessly hurling her Eva in front of Ramiel's energy beam? Or pose EVA-02 with its magnetic crossbow taking shots at Clockiel? No one, that's who. Even if you're not an Eva fan, surely you'd appreciate these weird, outlandish designs over endless rehashes of EVA-01, right? Everyone wins.


Jon wants...Alter's Millia Maxwell

I was reminded by the delay we announced this month of Milla Maxwell by Alter about how beautiful her figure is. I love her colors and contrast, that amazing hair sculpt, and her boots and wraps! She has lovely curves too! Really from a purely artistic standpoint I think she may be the most colorful and beautiful looking figurine I have ordered! 

I'm amused that I will be receiving both Jude and Milla from Tales of X'illa in as full sized 1/8th scale figurines and mini nendoroids too before I get to play the game! Given the games strong sales and reviews in Japan I know it will be an excellent tales game, but I hope that I will find these characters to be just as loveable as all the other Tales series characters.


Scarecroodle wants...Bandai's D-Arts Mewtwo

I've waited about 14 years for a good Mewtwo figure. After the first five or so years of waiting, during which we saw some so-so non-articulates and a few barely articulates, I thought the PLAMO that I bought would be the best we'd ever see. If you had told me that somebody would release a Mewtwo figure that rightfully makes every previous version look like a joke roughly ten years after the height of his popularity, I would have called you crazy. And yet here we are, with Bandai's D-Arts Mewtwo which seemingly is everything I wanted from the get-go. Funny how things work out. 

I'm also looking forward to their D-Arts Venusaur and, should better photos appear, the Charizard as well (with hopes for a shiny Charizard redeco!). I'm also hyped for Bandai's new Sailor Moon stuff. Bandai and its' waves of awesomeness have really helped me forget all about a fairly lackluster NYCC.


Jonathan wants...more video game toys

More video game figures that have been long overdue! Guilty Gear gets Sol Badguy, BlazBlue gets Hakumen and Noel Vermillion, and at last! Forte from Mega Man finally gets a figure in this day and age! About time! Was so upset when Kotobukiya stopped at Protoman for their plastic kits. Absolutely glad Bandai is giving me everything I want!

I only own Mega Man X from the D-Arts line but it looks like that'll be expanding quite a a bit in 2013.


Rio wants...SH Figuarts Sailor Moon and Ponies

Sailor Moon figures. All of them! I don't even care what characters! I want them alllllllll!!! And ponies. Sailor Moon and ponies will forever be my life.


Chris wants...Volks' Akane and T-ELOS kits

I'm just waiting for news on the inevitable HR:SR event and hoping that they will be made available there. The site did say that the 2 were Hobby Round Exclusives so I hope that the Showroom event counts!!

But if you want something which is new, I'm looking forward to seeing the D-Arts Noel Vermillion. The one we weren't supposed to see!!


Jeremy wants...Fortress Maximus

Without a doubt the number one figure on my list right now is Transformers Encore 23 Fortress Maximus! Actually, this has always been the number one figure on my list, ever since its release back in 1987. Not only is he the biggest Transformer toy ever made, he's also one of the most expensive on the aftermarket. A complete Fortress Maximus, even without the box, runs in the neighborhood of around US$1000 making for a very expensive figure to get into your collection if you didn't buy one in the 80s when it sold for around US$100. The reissue price is between US$300 and US$400 which is still a lot, but a lot more manageable!


Brian wants...SH Figuarts Sailor Moon

I'd known that this figure was a distinct possibility but I hadn't expected this so soon. Not in the least. That doesn't mean I'm not grateful for Bandai actually making the one thing about half the Internet wanted. I thought we'd see them as figmas first (editor's note: I did a figma feature a while ago and you can link back to that here) but looks like Max Factory has been beaten to the punch. I, for one, welcome Sailor Moon to the poseable figure world and anticipate every Japanese and American retailer crashing simultaneously the second these go up for pre-order.


So now that you know what we want, let us know what's the apple of your eye for the month of October!


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