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DO WANT: May 2012 Edition

4:00 PM on 05.31.2012 // Pedro Cortes

It's time for your hard-working Tomo writers to tell you about their deepest, darkest desires. No, this isn't a Skinemax production, it's the monthly DO WANT!

This time around, our writers had a nice variety of things they wanted to add to their collections, which always makes for a good time while preparing this post. There were robots, maids and T & A. You know, the important things in life. There also wanted:

  • a hunky redhead 
  • a hunky priest
  • a hunky god

Wow, that's a lot of man-beef. Hit the jump to find out more!

Pedro wants Alphamax's Sena

I'm fond of Boku was Tomodachi ga Sukunai and I'm fond of girls with curves, which means that I'm a fan of Sena. This blonde hottie has gotten a couple of figures already, but you're looking at the best one currently available. Besides perfectly encompassing her personality and her huge...tracts of land..., it looks well put together and has a great pose. I tend to find bikini figures a bit boring, but this Sena bucks that trend.


Natalie wants Insomniac's Outernauts plushes

I am so psyched for GameOnStuff's plushes representing the five starter beasts from Insomniac's upcoming Facebook game, Outernauts. The game's page has just finished revealing all five of the plushes and I am certain I need them all. They are cute, quirky, and fulfill my OCD-fueled need to catch 'em all in-game (with their included unlock code).


John wants Good Smile Company's Triumphant Excalibur Saber

I always love a lady in armor! So when Good Smile Company announced they were re-releasing their Triumphet Exalibur Sabre I got very interested. Saber is such a classic character and her figure is very beautiful with all of it's shining metallic pieces. I don't think I will be able to pass her up.


Tian wants Kotobukiya's Mari & Vash the Stampede

Well Kotobukiya wins this month for me with two reveals that were pretty much automatic DO WANTs as soon as I saw them. First there's Mari, who has somehow become my favorite character from Evangelion 2.0 despite having almost no screen time. It's unfortunate that Kotobukiya didn't go with a more animated expression to fit Mari's personality, and that they chose to put her in that horrendously ugly green test suit. But I'm okay with it because I like Mari that much.

Second is Vash the Stampede, which I didn't expect to see in a million years. I'm a huge Trigun fan and I'm very happy to see Koto going to such an old school franchise. It makes me hold out hope that maybe one day, someone will make a Spike Spiegel figure.


Rio wants Hot Toys Loki

While I'm excited for several things, including the Chie figma and Minnie Mouse Nendoroid that I had to cancel pre-orders on, the one thing I'm most excited for is Hot Toys' Loki figure. Not that you could POSSIBLY tell by the articles I've written about it, or the fact that I said it 'gave me a case of the brain faps'. Granted it doesn't come out for quite some time yet, but it does happen to have a release date for around my birthday, so I'll be excited all over again come that time in December.


Chang wants Orchid Seed's Asmodeus

Between all the TERA  and Diablo 3 I've been playing, I have been in a demonic mood lately, and Orchid Seed chose a perfect time to hit me where it hurts with this demon prince turned busty bombshell. Asides from all the obvious appeals (read: T&A), my favourite part about the figure is the pedestal display base. Its considerable size and grim appearance which really gives her air of grandness. I can't wait to see all seven figures of this series sculpted, painted and displayed together. Though being exclusives, I might as well sell my soul before even thinking of getting them all.


Brian also wants Kotobukiya's Vash the Stampede & Nicholas Wolfwood

I spend a lot of time being upset about old-school series not getting love, so Kotobukiya's offering is welcome, indeed. The sculpting so far looks good and I can't wait to (hopefully) see them in person soon. On my shelf.


Chris kind of wants Hot Toys Black Widow, but really wants Alter's maid Laura


... on second thought, maybe not. While I wouldn't mind having an accurate representation of the ass of scarjo on display in my room, there's something I find a little disconcerting about having a doll with such an uncanny likeness to movie stars, that's why I couldn't get behind their awesome Iron Man works. Robert Downey Jr is staring at me ALL THE TIME!!!

So, I was going to write this month off but then Alter came and saved the day with their Maid Laura from Infinite Stratos! I really do like Infinite stratos but so far, aside from two AGP figures from bandai, all we've had for the series are beach queens and a tracksuit wearing Charlotte! Well, this should tie me over until something else comes along. It's not quite canon but it's Laura so I can forgive. And since it's Alter, you know she will look great (and probably be delayed until ppl don't care about her anymore).
Come to think of it, wasn't there a painted figure of Houki in Akatsubaki which was meant to be released by amiami? What happened to that?


Keith wants ThreeA's Pure Edition Lady Sham

While I would have loved to get ahold of the Shit Mood edition, that was sadly available only at the RHVK show and in limited numbers to 3AA members, of which I am not one. Luckily, the Pure Edition has that same gorgeous headsculpt and a slick white suit that should really make it pop on the shelf. With all the delays and production difficulties I've been trying to cut back on 3A, but I may have to take the plunge on this one. I'm curious as to what the mentioned Casual version will look like, but again, 3AA only.


Jonathan wants Alter's Luke fan Fabre

Honestly, there are some things that caught my eye but nothing that really has me saying "DO WANT". However, I do have a  "DID GET". I complained about missing out ALTER's Luke fon Fabre from Tales of the Abyss on the latest Tomocast and would always keep an eye out for it. I finally lucked out, found it where I wanted it, and got it just for a little over retail. You can expect a review coming shortly for it.

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