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DO WANT: June 2011 Edition

3:00 PM on 06.30.2011
DO WANT: June 2011 Edition photo

Well folks, it's that time of the month again: DO WANT is here! The editors have assembled and made their picks known. This month kicks off the start of summer, which means we're all going to stay inside and talk about the things we want. It's just too hot out, man.

In this month's installment:

  • - The new Power Rangers have half the staff going nuts
  • - An old-school toy gets new-school love
  • - Wait a minute, that's not a figure ...
  • - More robots? Yep.

And more! Well, what are you waiting for? Let's check out what everyone loves this month!

Brian Szabelski wants Steve Brown Gallery's 64Colors yo-yo

I think this is the first time anyone's ever wanted a yo-yo, but my goodness, is this not adorable in every which way. And that print that comes with it just seals the deal. It's too bad they're only making 30 of these, because I'd happily buy one or two or twenty to give to friends as gifts.

Jonathan Tubbs and Rio McCarthy want Medicom's Project BM! Kazoku Sentai Gokaiger's Gokai Red

Jonathan: Gokaiger Red! DO WANT! Pirates with my Power Rangers? I'll have two! I, mean, look at that outfit! Is it not the most amazing one you've ever seen in the history of this series? Granted, he wouldn't fit in with any of my other figures since he's almost 12 inches tall... But I can make exceptions to the rules of my collecting!

Rio: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger is my new favorite show. That is all. I can't even come up with a full amount of words to express how badly I wish I could have this. Like, right now.

Leah Bayer and Chris Seto want Amiami's Houki figure

Chris: IS <infinite stratos> was one of my guilty pleasures. The show itself wasn't anything great (or even good when I think about it) but I enjoyed it more than I should have so I'm doubly pleased that we'll be getting at least 1 IS equipped figure from the show (My MS shoujo love is showing again, isn't it?). Now if they just give Cecilia and Laura the same treatment... 

Leah: I'm going to have to go with Houki as well. While I didn't watch the show, I have a huge weakness for mecha girls and I feel like she will go perfectly with Alter's Exelica. Sadly I feel like her price is going to be pretty massive because of all her equipment!

Pedro Cortes wants Wave's China Dress ver. Kawashima Ami figure

Finally Ami gets a nice figure that isn't a bikini. As much as I love me some Taiga, it's nice that somebody else from ToraDora is getting some attention. Too bad Ami and the previously released Taiga (reviewed) are too rich for my blood. Cue sad face.

Stephen Donaldson wants a Detolf

My Do Want is for Ikea to stock Detolfs again. I have ~50 or so figures that I know of that need a home on some shelves, but due to recent manufacturing issues with the Detolf, I won't be able to get any until August it's looking like. I don't really want anything else as I've got what I'd want on order, but what I do want is the ability to see all of the pretty things I do have and will be getting in the next few months instead of leaving them in boxes.

Tyler Jones wants Sega's Baka to Test bunnygirl figures

I want the Baka to Test bunnygirl figure set. They're all so cute!

Chris Pranger wants those Buzz and Woody custom figures

A Do Want? Like I need to even point it out? Someone decided to release a custom Buzz Lightyear and a custom Woody action figure and I own neither of them. Sometimes my life just certainly isn't fair, and if there was ever a month where I deserved to be given some free customs, this was it. My soul hurts from not playing with these right the hell NOW, so someone take pity upon me and go steal up some action figures from ol' Chris!

And so ends another monthly installment of DO WANT from the Tomopop staff. But what about you, Tomopop readers? What do you want from the past month? Hit the comments below and make your voices heard!

DO WANT: June 2011 Edition photo
DO WANT: June 2011 Edition photo
DO WANT: June 2011 Edition photo
DO WANT: June 2011 Edition photo
DO WANT: June 2011 Edition photo
DO WANT: June 2011 Edition photo
DO WANT: June 2011 Edition photo

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