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DO WANT: July 2012 Edition

4:00 PM on 07.31.2012 // Pedro Cortes

It's the last day of the month, so that means it's time for DO WANT! As usual, you'll get a peek into the hearts of our editors as they tell you what they're itching to buy. It's extra special this time around, as we're coming hot off the heels of Summer Wonder Festival. This month we have:

  • A hot blonde heroine
  • An angel
  • A fluffy, nerdy bear
  • A buff guy who is very concerned about your well-being

All this and more after the jump!

Pedro wants...Kotobukiya's Bishoujo Power Girl 

This is the girl that I've been waiting for! Since the inception of the line, there have been a couple of gals that I wanted to get the Yamashita treatment. On top of that list was Power Girl, and now she's up for pre-order for an October release. The sad news? There's no way I can afford this in October. I'm hoping that I can find her at future convention or at a local comic shop when I've got a bit more cash in my wallet.


Rio wants...Art Spirits Katherine

I could just continue to whine and cry about how I still want my SDCC 2012 exclusive Derpy MLP toy, but.. I think I'll do something a little more mature. Instead, I'll gush about how much I continue to love Katherine (with a 'K'!), and not just because she would be an entirely far too easy cosplay for myself. She's gorgeous, I love her, and she's not just a show-it-all kind of gal! I can't wait to have her in my collection later this year.


Natalie wants...Bart Bear

I fell in love with Bart Bear when I first found out about him in June. Seeing the prototype in person at SDCC cemented my determination to own this little bullied bear. The poor baby has super wedgie action and a kick me sign on his back! I just want to hug him and tell him everything will be okay. He is just too darn cute! This is not just a DO WANT; it is a MUST OWN.


Scarecroodle wants...Sideshow's Poison Ivy

Many outstanding items were shown at SDCC like Marvel Legends Hyperion, Masters of the Universe Classics Ram Man, Transformers Masterpiece Thundercracker (last month's want),  the massive Masters of the Universe Classics Granymyr, and the DC Cover Girls New 52 Harley Quinn. With so many cool items, I thought picking my biggest want would be tough. Then I remembered Sideshow's Poison Ivy.

Poison Ivy is only one of two epic items announced by Sideshow for July. Equally impressive, yet less alluring, is their massive 33-inch US$800 Galactus which, while beyond awesome, in no way affected me as much as the Sideshow Poison Ivy. This Ivy is the most stunning statue I've seen in years and I'm somewhat sad that sensibility prohibits me from buying this US$350 beauty. Thankfully pictures are free so I can just display those instead.


Brigitte wants...the Beary Fairy line of Groove Dolls

The team's photos from SDCC this year reminded me that I really do want the entire "Beary Fairy" set of Groove dolls. Ugh, goodbye paycheck! Just goes to show that some times all you have to do is remind people of something on their wishlist and they're hooked all over again ... if this theoretical person is me.


Jeremy wants...D-Arts Terry Bogard

I've been a fan of SNK for as long as I can remember and sunk a ton of tokens into the KOF'94 machine back in the day. I've got a bunch of SNK figures including some real rareties so I'm looking forward to adding Terry and the rest of the gang to the collection.


Kristina wants...Good Smile Company's Lucy Heartfilia

Pretty much the best news to come out of WonFes on my end is the fact that they picked up the license and kicked off the line with Fairy Tail's lead girl. It's fun and exciting, and I'm hoping we'll see some more great renditions of other characters like Erza, Juvia, Wendy, Evergreen, Cana and others (just naming girls since we probably won't see too many boys in scaled form). Maybe even a line of Beach Queens figures is in order if they really catch on! They already have plenty of swimsuit options based on the manga or show, so it'd be easy. 

Now, if someone were to make a figure of Lucy in her Celestial Spirit clothes (the blue outfit with a matching Natsu), I think that be amazing.


Brian wants...figma Pit

Oh, Max Factory. Whenever I'm about to swear off the figma line in favor of more rigid, posed figures, you pull me back in with some kind of magical figma that you pull out of nowhere. This time around, it's figma Pit from Kid Icarus (specifically, Kid Icarus: Uprising) that caught my eye. Pit is really a natural fit for the line, given his scale, styling and the amount of poseability you can actually put into him. Just please ... don't screw this up.


What about you folks? What doth the Tomo-masses desire?

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