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DO WANT: January 2013

2:00 PM on 01.31.2013 // Pedro Cortes


As it's the end of the month, it's time for DO WANT, where the Tomo editors let you know what we desperately desire. As it's been a couple of months since DO WANT has graced the front page, there's quite a bit of pressure to let loose. So just sit back, relax and let the figure lust wash right over your eye sockets and seep into your brain-meats.

This month, you can expect:

  • a giant castle
  • an annoying younger sister
  • a chilly songstress
  • an entire store

...and more! Hit the jump to find out.

Pedro wants...a whole lot of Gurren Lagann

Phat Company's Twin Pack Yoko & Nia + Boota PSG Arrange Ver.

My never ending love of all things Gurren Lagann continues. I was surprised to hear about a new Yoko and Nia getting a release, as those ladies have been ignored for a while now. Much to my pleasure, these gals are cheap and have been done up in the style of Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt. So what you have is a pair of characters I adore that have been altered to resemble a show that I'm also quite fond of. That's a victory in all catagories!

Phat! Company's Magical Nia

On top of the chibi's Phat! Company had to go and make a full-sized Nia figure. As there are so few scaled Nia figures available, there's no way that I'd miss picking her up. It helps that this magical girl-styled version of the princess is ridiculously adorable. It's an interesting take on one of my favorite characters and I will happily place her on my Gurren shelf next to Eye Up's Kamina and UpLark's Nia.


Natalie wants… Scott Tolleson & Luke Chueh's Bartholome Punchyface

I fell madly in love when I saw the poor little nerd's prototype over at last year's San Diego Comic Con. Now after seeing the new colorways, I am positive that if I don't manage to add Bartholomew Punchyface to my collection (preferably the orange/blue variety), I will be brought to brought to tears myself. The plush manages to mix Scott's colorful style with Luke's dark tones to create a flavorful, unique toy that just begs for hugs (and perhaps therapy).


Scarecroodle wants… Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics Castle Grayskull

Like many guys who grew up in the '80s, I owned a Castle Grayskull. I have a lot of fond memories of Castle Grayskull. Out of everything associated with He-Man, it's one of the few things I've never forgotten and among the first things to come to mind when I think of the franchise (right after He-Man and Skeletor). When Mattel started their Masters of the Universe Classics line, it seemed inconceivable that a scaled Castle Grayskull might be made. It just seemed too wild and too prohibitively expensive. Even now, after it's been confirmed for production, the whole thing is a little mind-boggling although that US$250 price tag brings potential buyers down to reality a bit. The other major issue is the size itself; despite being arguably the play set's greatest asset, the estimated 25-inch high by 26-inch across dimensions may very well make Castle Grayskull difficult to store even when folded up. Given that I'm currently using Hasbro's Star Wars AT-AT as a night table, storage represents a very real issue.

However, even as I go through the other cool things I've seen lately, such a very long-awaited, criminally under-looked Bandai's S.H.MonsterArts Biollante (seriously, look at this thing!), NECA's Stripe figure (a month until it's out!), the unrevealed (but still likely scheduled) 1/1 Sinestro Corps Power Battery (ironically costing almost as much as the Castle Skull), or concept art for Battle Beasts characters who need to be made into figures, I keep remembering this over-sized forbidden fruit. Yes, I can rationalize not buying it, but that does very little to keep it off my mind or even to stop myself from bringing it up.


Jon wants…Alter's Chiinatsu

I know this little witch isn't from January, but I keep thinking about Alter's Chiinatsu from Yuruyuri. Maybe it's all these cold winter nights and my longings for more Yuri comedy. Or perhaps it's because I don't have a 1/8th scale adorable pink haired school girl in witches cosplay in my collection. Yes that has to be it! 

Either way I have been on the edge of ordering her for a long time. I might just add her to my Alter's Jude Mathis order this month and justify it by telling myself that I will be saving on shipping costs... Yes! That's a perfect excuse. Make it so.


Tian wants…Good Smile Company's Karen Araragi

I haven't finished watching Nisemonogatari so I don't really know much about Karen, but I think the figure's cute enough. And screw it, I like the weird half-steamroller. GSC's Bakemonogatari line has been pretty awesome so far, so I'm sure this Karen figure won't disappoint.


Brian and Yami want…Good Smile Company's Snow Miku 2013


After the whole fiasco with last year's Snow Miku, I know I should be more careful. But this was the design I wanted to win of the finalists because it was the most appealing and different, and I think it will look great as part of my collection. 

Just PLEASE, PLEASE get quality control right this time, Good Smile. Please.


My DO WANT for this month is none other than Good Smile's Snow Miku nendoroid. I've been trying my best to refrain from adding any more Miku's to my collection, but my resolve quickly diminished at the site of this gorgeous snow maiden. It's pretty hard to resist that gentle smile and all those appealing accessories, especially that adorable snow rabbit.


Chris wants…everything.

Because I've been a lazy SOB and have been completely out of it for the past couple of weeks thanks to a rather annoying virus, I'm just digging out my last DO WANT and declaring now, that this is the default if I don't find one specific item for my monthly DO WANT!

And what I want is, EVERYTHING in this store!! Time to go large or go home!! What's in the shop? Well, you'll find out soon!

Andres agrees 

I can tell just by the store logo this is something I’m going to like.


Rio wants…Phat! Company's Bayonetta

For once I'm so stressed out to the point where I actually don't even know what I want! That's a hard feat for me, because I've always got a want list that's a mile and a half long! I do know that I'm really hoping I have the money to pay for my pre-order of Phat Company's Bayonetta when she's released in March, as I am definitely anxiously awaiting having her in my collection. She may be a bodacious babe, but I am so excited to see that butterfly base in person!


Jeremy wants…Wonder Festival sigma Rin Shibuya and Anzu Futaba

I'm a bit of a sucker for IDOLM@STER, I've never played the games, but did buy all of those Revoltech figures that were released a few years ago (both in black and pink) and the recent anime was a lot of fun. Maybe I'm just a sucker for moe? I'm so glad Max Factory is now doing figma, I just hope they continue things with the more familiar cast of characters. These two figures are both cute in their own unique way, I can't wait to have both of them even if I don't know a think about them.


That's it for the Tomo staff. Now it's your turn. Do you desire a static PVC figure? A poseable one? How about an entire store? Pop into the comments and let us know.

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