DO WANT: January 2012 edition


Well folks, it's that time of the month again: DO WANT is here! The editors have assembled and made their picks known. This month is the kick off to a whole new year ... one full of new collectibles that we'll be going crazy over. It's a never-ending vicious cycle, I tell you.

In this month's installment:

  • - Muscly masked men
  • - Radical robots
  • - Jedi and Jokers in January?
  • - Also, alliteration all over

And more! Well, what are you waiting for? Let's check out what everyone loves this month!

Brian Szabelski wants Kaitendoh's Tiger Mask

I love myself some old-school anime, so of course, I ended up going with this amazing Tiger Mask as my pick for my DO WANT of January. It barely beat out Gaming Heads' Medic statue for my DO WANT this month, but man, this thing is MANLY. Puts more hair on my chest just looking at it.

Kristina Pino wants Sideshow's Aayla Secura statue

It's always pretty tough for me to decide on a DO WANT, but this time around I've just going to go big. So big, and so very blue ... my pick is going to be Sideshow's Twi'lek Jedi Aayla Secura. The one picture of her that Brian posted the other day is more than enough for me. I need this Jedi in my life! I'm also looking forward to the upcoming Star Wars x Bishoujo figure. Totally repping the Jedi knights.

Rio McCarthy wants Square Enix's Play Arts Kai Joker

I was trying hard to think about what I really wanted, but didn't get to pre-order, and then I remembered The Joker! It was just recently released, and even though I've had my fights with certain Play Arts Kai figures, it doesn't sway me from wanting this figure of the Joker badly. It came out at a bad so time that I couldn't get my pre-order in, but he still remains on my want list regardless. So here's to you, you sexy, gritty Joker you~

Andres Cerrato still wants Bandai's Master Grade Gundam Unicorn Banshee

My want for the month is easily the Master Grade Gundam Unicorn Banshee. I love the black/gold color combination and since I've known of the Banshee's existence, I've been wanting this kit. It's only two months away from me now and I just have to have them both. My only regret on this kit is that it came so close after the HGUC releases and it's simply too close in between. I still can't believe I'm buying them all.

Natalie Kipper wants Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts 3D WonderNyan plush

Square-Enix must have access to my fantasies because the WonderNyan plush, from the upcoming Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, is the kind of toy I dream about. I gaze at the game trailers constantly, not only in anticipation for the release but also to get a glimpse of WonderNyan in action. I love Square-Enix's plushes in general, owning horde of chocobos, tonberries, and moogles. But, I dare say I need this WonderNyan plush. I may not sleep soundly until he is in my possession.

Tianxiao Ma wants Sideshow's Alien Warrior statue (and the Max Factory Samus)

I have two for this month: the Alien warrior revealed by Sideshow, and Max Factory's Zero Suit Samus. Hell I've never even played Metroid but Samus is just too hawt. I love the pose, the overall design, and that sweet mole on her face. As for the Alien warrior, well I'm just a big fan of Aliens. I got the Revoltechs but they just weren't doing it for me. I've always wanted a scale figure of one, but since that one's a Sideshow figure with Sideshow prices, it's probably going to stay in the wish list for now.

Keith Polott wants Bandai's Robot Damashii Side AS Codarl i (Venom)

Just put up for preorder, the Venom is one of a long line of Tamashii Web exclusive Robot Spirits figures. Rapidly approaching the number of regular Robot Spirits releases, these exclusives have been the bane of many a collector over the last couple years, leaving one as they do with the option to either put up the lucre it takes to secure a preorder through a middleman service or roll the dice on finding one later on a service like Mandarake- neither is particularly appetizing. The Venom, however, is tasty in the extreme. I'll cop to not being much of a fan of Full Metal Panic, but I have a weakness for shiny red mecha and villain mecha (two great tastes that taste great together!) and this hits all the right notes. The price is a constant sticking point, and the long wait from order time to the thing landing in your hands can be harsh, but the Venom may very well find itself on my shelves come June.

Chris Seto still wants Bandai's Armour Girls Project Wing Gundam Girl

My "DO WANT" for this month and every month until it sits in my hands is the Armour Girls Project Wing Gundam Girl!!

I guess I'll also try and locate the Ichiban Kuji Sheryl Nome figures which I still lack ...

Emily Smalara wants Media Factory's Yozora and Sena

My want this month was a hard thing to pick! Koto's Rufina, Wave's Kirino, and even Banpresto's lovely K-On! figures all caught my eye in a big way. In the end though, I had to give it to Media Factory's duo from the amazing Haganai. My love for Buriki's artwork knows no bounds, and for such small figures Media Factory captured it perfectly in these little cuties. Both Sena and Yozora are two of my most loved characters in recent months, so I'm way too eager to get my hands on these!

Jonathan Tubbs wants Max Factory's Luka Megurine Tony ver.

After being teased with by Max Factory of their Tony's Heroine Works Megurine Luka from Vocaloid, I know for a fact that this is a major do want for me. I love Luka's outfit for the black and gold color scheme, the flashing of her stomach even clothed, and the open skirt to show off her thigh. I'm still iffy about the hair on her head but the rest of the flowing hair is amazing. Come on Wonder Festival! I want to see Luka from the front and drool rivers!

And so ends another monthly installment of DO WANT from the Tomopop staff. But what about you, Tomopop readers? What do you want from the past month? Hit the comments below and make your voices heard!

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