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DO WANT: August 2012 Edition

2:00 PM on 08.31.2012 // Pedro Cortes

It's the end of the month, so that means it's time for DO WANT, the feature that lets you know what we want the most. We've got a pretty eclectic mix of items this month, including:

  • Pretty boys that shoot fire from their hands
  • A cute, plush monster
  • A sexy gynoid
  • A surly girl that's ready to fight dragons
  • and more!

Hit the jump to find out what else we desire.

Pedro wants...Griffon's Yozora Mikazuki -Monster Hunter ver.-

I loved the Monster Hunter episode of Hagani and I knew at some point that there would have to be figures made of the girls in their outfits. As you can see here, Yozora is the first one to get her statue. As nice as she is, I CANNOT WAIT to see how Sena is going to look in her Monster Hunter outfit. My DO WANT levels will go through the roof when I see her.


Brigitte wants...La rue de Rivoli

This month I've got my eye on the prize, the October J-Doll, La rue de Rivoli. Pink hair, candy-esque theme, bizarre impractical outfit, she has it all! Rivoli is on the top of my DO WANT list at the moment and I'm all in knots that I have to wait nearly two more months to get her. That is if I can, from what I see the pre-orders are filling up fast. Cue nervous hand wringing!


Natalie wants...Pokemomo Snorlax plush

This month, I apparently gotta DO WANT 'em all. Or, at least, one. Momo Okada's Snorlax plush that was sold at Pokemon Centers in Japan is not only freaking amazing but would fill a glaring oversight in my Pokemon plush collection. Plus, that face. You can't say "no" to that face. 


Rio wants...A-Label's King of Fighters K'

Well.. Hey. I'd still like to see my K' figure I've had pre-ordered since last December. It seems like nearly every month I get an e-mail telling me that it's been delayed again and again, but there's still a chance right? It's saying September now and we're bouncing right along into the month, so hopefully I'll get to see his sexy self arriving at my door here soon!


Tian wants...Megahouse's Rider

Bishoujo figures are great and all, but there are plenty of great male designs and characters that get no love. This is doubly true if they're actually masculine, as opposed to the skinny pretty boys that make up the Altair line. I'm glad to see that MegaHouse realizes this injustice, and will now be making the second manliest figure of all time (the first being Whitebeard, of course).


Jeremy wants...Masterpiece Starscream

I need that Masterpiece Soundwave! It's everything anyone could ever want from an updated Soundwave figure. It's mostly cartoon accurate, transforms the way he's supposed to, has all of his weapons and then some, and can still hold tapes. The tapes themselves are really something, Laserbeak is amazingly complex for his size, has the weapons integrated into the body, and is still toon accurate. With four more tapes planned Masterpiece Soundwave is a real must have!


Chris wants...Volk's T-ELOS

I've been keeping my eye on the Volks T-ELOS for some time and now that we finally have some colour images I'm... not that thrilled. She still looks pretty good and all, but she doesn't really make me excited for her. Certainly nowhere near the level KOS-MOS did a few years back. Also, I have no idea why she's a colour resin kit. Her design just screams "PAINT ME!!" and making her a colour resin kit will make it that much harder.

Thank the deities then for the Charagumin Alicia Melchiott!! I had seen a pic somewhere before but couldn't remember where. Having pics of her from chara hobby basically tells me that I wasn't imagining it! She's definitely on my "GET" pile come Hobby Round 8!! She's going to look awesome next to my charagumin Selvaria!


Brian wants...Pop Culture Shock's Sagat

After missing the Cammy and M. Bison Pop Culture Shock figures (decisions I have regretted and will continue to regret for many years to come), Sagat has to be my pick. The 1/4-scale, the crazy detail and dat eyepatch. Come on; who wouldn't want a statue of one of their favorite characters like this? It's awesome, and the only thing that could make it better is if he were in mid Tiger Uppercut pose, complete with visual effects ... in which case, I would be pawning stuff off to pay for him right now.


Scarecroodle wants...Hot Toy's Busted Sentinel Head

August was an aggravatingly slow month in terms of news. While it would be unfair to say that nothing happened, it seemed like nothing happened quickly. The two bright points was getting a good look at Kotobukiya's upcoming ArtFX+ Cyclops but, much more thrilling, was seeing a busted up half of a Sentinel head used as a base with Hot Toys' X-Men: The Last StandWolverine figure.  It features a solid amount of detail as well as light-up eyes. Oh, plus the Wolverine accessory it comes with is pretty keen as well. Granted, that Kotobukiya Cyclops is probably the item I'd rather have at the end of the day but this Sentinel head is just a lot cooler... than the Sentinel head Cyclops is standing on.

So what about you guys? What do you guys want this month?

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