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DO WANT: April 2012 edition

4:00 PM on 05.01.2012 // Pedro Cortes

Ladies and gents, it's time to find out what the hearts of Tomo editors desire. Yes indeed, it's time for DO WANT! For the month of April, I feel like there wasn't much in the way of crazy new announcements. Sure there was NicoNico Super Kaigi and C2E2, but I didn't see anything that shattered my world. Probably for the best, as I don't need anything else to sap away my meager earnings.

For this month, your editors lusted after:

  • Undead rockstars
  • Lumpy plushes
  • non-exclusive S.H. Figuarts
  • expensive robots to keep gynoids company

It's certainly a motley list of toys. Hit that jump to find out more!

Pedro Cortes wants Portrait of Pirates Sailing Again Brook

Oh, what a surprsie, Pedro wants a One Piece figure. Ah, but it's just not any One Piece figure. No, no, it's a POP of the crew's undead rock star, "Soul King" Brook. A couple years ago, I reviewed Brook's original release and regretted not ordering it when I had the chance. I also cursed the figure gods when I missed getting Strong Edition Brook, though that was rectified later by finding him at Otakon last year. This time around, I made sure to stake out Hobby Search and snatch him up the second their overwhelmed servers would allow me to get in an order.

Natalie Kipper wants Clump-o-Lumps plushies

My DO WANT is yet again something soft and plush. Shocking! These interactive and moderately goofy-looking toys (who else has a shark with an overbite?) have really captured my heart. I love the mix-and-match concept and the fact that, once unzipped, the section is red with a bone-looking dot in the center. I find that detail absolutely hilarious! I am eagerly awaiting the in-store events and the chance to win the whole Clump-o-Lump family for myself. Wish me luck!

Keith Polott wants S.H. Figuarts Scorpion Zodiarts

For this month, I'm going with Bandai's S.H. Figuarts Scorpion Zodiarts. The first member of the Horoscopes introduced looks to exhibit the same high level of sculpted detail as the Weather and Nazca Dopants and the Greeed, and the best part is that it's not a Tamashii web exclusive! Almost all villains released under the Figuarts line have been, so if you want to see the rest of the Horoscopes (Leo!) then buy buy buy! She'll be available through our friends at Bluefin this August for $42.99.

Chris Seto wants a lot of beer. Oh, and Volks' T-ELOS

My DO WANT for this month would be a pair of beer goggles which work on figures!! That way, I'd be able to look at the GSC Inori and find it looking good! She's such a great figure ...from the neck down but, for me, the redjuice design for the face didn't seem to do too well on the transition to 3D. It looks horrific at most angles!!! So a pair of beer goggles would be good so I look at her and not be repulsed, until the next morning at least!!

Or if you want an actual item which doesn't need to be invented, it would definitely be the going-to-be-hideously-expensive 1/4 scale T-ELOS which was announced at Volks Hobby Round 7. 

Brian Szabelski, Rio McCarthy and Tianxiao Ma want Hot Toys' Naked Snake

Rio: SNNNNNNNNNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKEEEEEE!!!!!! *gasps for air* Okay. Yeah. This right here is pure sex. Hot Toys. I wish I had money to give you. You could have all of it. Granted.. You probably will anyway if you release another Michael Jackson figure, BUT STILL.

Tianxiao: Naked Snake. HE COMES WITH A BOX. That's my favorite Hot Toys thing ever.

Brian: That Naked Snake figure from Hot Toys is just too good to pass up. Like Tian, I am excited that he comes with a box, and the sculpting on his face looks great. The Boss looks good, too, but if I had a choice, it would be Snake all the way so I can put him next to all my other Metal Gear Solid figures.

However, is it bad that I now want a different Snake from Hot Toys? Snake Plissken? So I can have Naked Snake fight Kurt Russell? Please? 

With the image of Kurt Russell grappling David Hayter, this month's DO WANT draws to a close. Do any of the Tomopeeps share our desires? If so, let us know in the comments along with your DO WANTs!

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