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Disney Princess Collection arrives at Build-A-Bear

4:00 AM on 01.18.2013 // Rio McCarthy

Get your beary own Disney princess right now!

Build-A-Bear and Disney fans rejoice! As of Princess Weekend (January 11th through the 13th) the new Disney Princess bears were readily available at all Build-A-Bear Workshops and online. The new pink Disney Princess Bear will run you US$23, and features a sparkling crown and a paw depicting beloved Disney Princess characters and majestic crowns.

Of course since these are Disney Princesses, we have to have the princess costumes, right? Right! For US$16 you'll be able to choose from Cinderella, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and Tiana, with Belle and Snow White being available only in select stores. I'm not going to lie. I love going to Build-A-Bear, so I'm hoping to pick one of these Princess bears up for myself. Tiana for best princess!

[via WDW Daily News]

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