Disney Kubricks are both awesome and now available for pre-order

4:00 PM on 11.24.2009 // Rio McCarthy

Big Bad Toy Store recently put up for pre-order some new pieces that happen to tickle my fancy, and those are the three new sets of Disney Kubricks. The first set includes a greyscale Mickey and Minnie Mouse, the second has Donald and Goofy, while the third is a Runaway Brain set that includes Mickey and Julius.

My favorite of the three sets is definitely the Runaway Brain pair, and I will have to try my best to get these in my collection as they're just too cool to pass up. All three sets are listed to be released around March of 2010, so hit up Big Bad Toy Store now and get your pre-orders in for just $17.99 a set. All I know is that the Runaway Brain set must.. be.. mine!

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