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DesignerCon 2012: Martin Hsu

11:30 AM on 11.04.2012 // Natalie Kipper

Crabby Bear is makes his grand entrance

Martin Hsu's booth was the first I had visited on my inaugural DesignerCon adventure last year and I couldn't wait to see his what the artist was cooking up for this year. Just a few days prior, we had learned that Crabby Bear would be the latest of his CRAKENS series to be plush-ified by Lana Crooks and I was dying to see (and hopefully hug) the plush in person. I am thrilled to say I had the pleasure of not only shaking the little fellow's plush claw but also giving him a big squeeze. He was even more adorable than pictures can show! There were little details everywhere (plus a tiny hat). The Crabby Bear at Martin's booth was the prototype, so sadly not for sale (although people did want to take him home with them) but attendees were able to be the first to pre-order the handmade plush. If you missed out on DesignerCon, it doesn't mean you missed out on getting you own Crabby Bear. Martin will have a pre-order page up on his site soon. 

I am glad I got to Martin's booth early in the day because the last of the Puffer Puss plushes found homes well before the end of the afternoon. So, you see that cute little cat-faced fish monster next to Crabby Bear? Yeah, you can't get her anymore. Other goods on display included the last of the initial run of the OG Dragon Boy vinyl toys, a bunch of really cool shirts (including a design that debuted at yesterday's DCon), several watches bearing Martin's designs, and art prints that I would love to plaster my room with, had I the money.

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