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DesignerCon 2012: CroKitty

9:00 AM on 11.07.2012 // Natalie Kipper

Felines in many a flavor

CroKitty's booth over at the recent DesignerCon caught my attention the second I saw her con-exclusive item hanging on a black display board. Entitled "cat*as*trophe," the limited edition piece was a golden cat butt trophy magnet. it was glorious. I also have to give props to the artist, Micha, for the hardcore Ushio and Tora and Calvin and Hobbes crossover depicted in one of the art cards for sale.

The CroKitty minis were also at the booth, in a variety of cool and, dare I say, nerd culture-inspired designs. The small rotund feline figures are made by using a styrofoam base and layers of paper maché. A cool feature of the Pawmbie, the undead CroKtty mini, is that the brain is attached via magnet so it can be removed if desired. Other designs include the elder god-inspired Cathulu, the butterfly-winged Pawpillon, and the finned Purrmaid. 

Check out the gallery for more pictures of CroKitty's booth!

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