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Design Festa 60: New sculpts and new figure makers

8:00 PM on 11.12.2012 // Brian Szabelski

Kaiju Korner posts photos and news from the event this past weekend

Design Festa 60 was this past weekend, and Kaiju Korner was in attendance to get some photos and info for his blog. Yes, that is a frog in a mech; why do you ask? It's from a new-ish figure maker by the name of Painter-Net who had other aquatic figures on display, and the resin frog mech does indeed have joints. We also got a peek at some of my favorite sofubi pieces at the moment — Chima Group's dinosaurs — along with a new piece from Blobpus' Alice in Wonderland line, Gothic Jackalope.

Speaking of Alice, there were some Alice-themed figures from Kaijin as well. Pico Pico debuted a new sculpt named Fando, Uky Daydreamer showed off a new figure as well, and Max Toy Co. had some new mini-figures based off Negora and friends, along with flocked Kaiju Negora one-offs.

For the full rundown from Design Festa 60, be absolutely sure to go to Kaiju Korner. Andy has much more in his round-up, including figures from Dream Rockets, Kikkake, Marmit, Monster Factory, Nakayoshi, Rampage Toys and Fig Lab, Refreshment, Sunguts, TOUMA, and Yamomark. Also, be sure not to look at A.K. Production's gory figures if you've eaten anything in the last week. Yikes ... 

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