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Dengeki Festival has Beach Queens competing for the crown

9:55 PM on 10.19.2012

A slew of new ladies from Wave Corporation hit the beach later in 2013

The Dengeki 20th Anniversary Festival continues with more new figures to check out. We've already seen Good Smile Company and Max Factory show off their wears. Now it's time for Wave Corporation to show off their 1/10-scale Beach Queens series of figures and boy do they have a slew of new figures coming!

Two prototypes were on display for new Beach Queens figures. There was Chiyuri from Accel World bringing a very chipper attitude and Ichiko from Binbougami ga! who is reaching out to you cause I am assuming she's falling. Though, I guess she's too happy for something like that.

In display teaser form only there is Aoko from Mahou Tsukai no Yoru, Marii from Joshiraku, Kanako from Star Driver, Kimi from Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, Miho and Saori from GIRLS und PANZER, several of the ladies from Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb, and the girls from Tari Tari.

That's a lot of new Beach Queens! Fans of this series of figures, you have your hands full and a very empty wallet come next year. So, again, anything you're excited to see when it comes to these queens of the beach?

[via 2chan]


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