DCC unveils Arkham City Joker statue

Dec 04 // Scarecroodle

Green is the new red.

DC Collectibles' big reveal of the week is a mostly black and white Joker statue with green highlights, themed to his appearance in the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham City.

Even overlooking the rather nice sculpt-work, DCC's Arkham City Joker is visually striking just for the use of color. The greens used for his hair, bowtie, and (Titan Venom-related?) gunk on his hands give the statue a surreal look. However, I'm confused as to Batman: Arkham City designation since the character was suffering from some wicked withdrawal during the game.

Story consistency aside, the Batman: Arkham City Joker statue is an excellent collectible sure to brighten (or darken) the shelves of any Batman collector. Look for this figure in May and expect pre-orders to open very soon.

[ DC Collectibles' Facebook ]

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