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DCC talks articulation, minor characters, in latest Q&A

9:00 AM on 10.27.2012 // Scarecroodle

Will DCC's articulation finally step into the 21st century?

In their latest "Ask DC Collectibles" segment, DCC responded to questions ranging from increased articulation to the inclusion of minor characters to the use of flesh-colored plastic.

Possibly the biggest question on fans' minds involved DCC's greater-than-average articulation seen in their upcoming Arkham City Batman (pictured) and whether it would become the "new standard". While DCC acknowledged that certain figures would have additional articulation going forward (specifically mentioning that some would come out towards the end of 2013), the company has yet to "settle on a standard".

DCC also mentioned attempts to "diversify" its selection by offering minor characters in its lines, citing examples such as the the Arkham City Joker thug, Mad Hatter, and New 52 Parademon (check out a whole Parademon vs Justice League display in our SDCC coverage). Fans can expect to see additional minor characters over the coming year. Finally, DCC's practice of using flesh-colored plastic (as opposed to painted flesh tones) was called into question. DCC justified the usage by claiming it gave figures a more realistic look since it doesn't involve painting over the plastic (presumably in reference to texture?). DCC added that it "works most efficiently on the characters showing the most skin" and in other cases, such as with Batman where only a tiny portion of skin is shown, they still use painted flesh. While I'm personally not a fan of plastic flesh tones as opposed to painted (since it makes the items look cheaper), I can certainly understand the reasoning.

As an interesting side-note, DCC mentioned that their leftover 3.75-inch Green Lantern 2-pack convention exclusives are sold through their partner, Graffiti Designs. For even more answers, check out the full Q&A transcript.

[ Ask DC Collectibles ]

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