DCC's latest is lackluster Frank Miller Superman statue

12:00 AM on 10.10.2012


Associate Editor


DC Collectibles has unveiled the full image of a metallic Frank Miller Superman statue on their Facebook page to a less than enthusiastic crowd. The somewhat polarizing character design, which appeared in Frank Miller's iconic The Dark Knight Returns, features a rather distinct look for the Man of Steel that subsequently makes the statue instantly recognizable. However, the statue itself seems underwhelming at best.

Part of the problem no doubt stems from the chosen pose, which makes looks like Superman is launching into the air but can't decide on a direction. His cape, which hangs behind him devoid of all life, seems poorly suited to the pose. And, finally, something about his expression just seems a little odd. Bearing in mind that The Dark Knight Returns (and, by proxy, Frank Miller) had no love for Superman, this statue may serve as a final snub to the Kryptonian's fanbase.

[ DC Collectibles Facebook ]

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