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DC Collectibles: Batman Arkham City Clayface

DCC's Batman: Arkham City Clayface isn't claying around

8:00 PM on 01.02.2014 // Scarecroodle

Not to be confused with Mudface

DC Collectibles has released a photo gallery for its upcoming Batman: Arkham City Clayface, which is currently available for pre-order. Clayface, a shapeshifting long-time Batman villain, was first introduced in 1941 which puts him among the oldest villains in Batman's rogues gallery. The character was briefly featured in Batman: Arkham Asylum and went on to play a larger role in Arkham City.

At 13-inches tall, Batman: Arkham City Clayface is being billed as the largest action figure that DC Collectibles has ever produced (see gallery). He seems to stand a head taller than the previously released Solomon Grundy while completely dwarfing the Killer Croc and Titan Joker. In fact, Clayface looks large enough to hold Batman in his hand!

If that wasn't enough, Clayface comes with an alternate blade forearm and an interchangeable Joker head. The figure itself, while very well-sculpted, seems to be wanting in terms of articulation as it only has a listed 13-points which, among other things, means no ankle articulation. The other curious thing is that DC Collectibles lists him as being the largest figure to date given that DCC's New-52 Darkseid was also billed as being 13-inches tall, although I guess this means he's tied for largest.

This whopping 13-inch Clayface figure will set you back a whopping US$90. He's slated for a third quarter release.

[ Pre-order at Big Bad Toy Store ]

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DC Collectibles: Batman Arkham City Clayface

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