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DCC's 3.75-inch Injustice 2-packs up for pre-order

11:30 PM on 12.07.2012 // Scarecroodle

Has justice been done?

(The two sets may not be shown to scale)

The first of DC Collectibles' 3.75-inch Injustice: Gods Among Us 2-packs are now available for pre-order. While the Green Arrow & Deathstroke pack were shown earlier this week, this is our first glimpse at Wonder Woman and Solomon Grundy.

Some months ago, DC Collectibles entered the 3.75-inch scale with a convention-exclusive  Green Lantern line. The natural reaction (once fans got past the obvious excitement) was bewilderment. Why wasn't DC Collectibles releasing these 3.75-inch figures on a wider scale? Recently fans seemed to have received their wish with an announcement that DCC would be doing a line of 3.75-inch figures based on the character designs from the upcoming video game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and initial offering was shown to be Green Arrow & Deathstroke.

I wasn't overly impressed when I first saw the Green Arrow / Deathstroke pack, but my opinion of them has improved slightly as I've acclimated to the design. That said, it's still very unlikely that I'll consider buying that one. The matter is a little different for the Grundy and Wonder Woman pack. Solomon Grundy (a semi-popular villainous zombie) is a character that isn't often seen in the 3.75-inch scale and fittingly seems to tower over the other characters. While Grundy is a character that I've long-wanted on the 3.75-inch scale, I can't wows me like I had been expecting. Grundy seems to have a great head-sculpt with everything else (body sculpt, paint, etc) being okay at best. I'm also a little concerned that he may lack foot articulation although I hope that isn't be the case.

Equally mixed are my feelings about Wonder Woman. I find the facial expression to be somewhat iffy but my larger issue is how greatly the design resembles Hasbro's largely abandoned female Marvel Universe mold. That was largely one of the issues with Mattel's previous 3.75-inch Infinite Heroes line where Mattel always felt at least one step behind Hasbro. Otherwise, Wonder Woman is still a decent enough figure.

These 2-packs have a US$30 list price which, once again, I find to be a little awkward. I previously compared this pricing to that of Hasbro's Marvel Universe line. However, a far better comparison might be to DC Collectibles' Green Lantern 2-packs which, as con exclusives, should have an even smaller run yet only have a list price of US$25. Subsequently it's a little odd that this presumably wider release would entail a 20% rate increase but one could argue that the Injustice figures probably use more unique parts or something. Plus BBTS has them for a little under the list price anyway.

At any rate, I'll probably end up pre-ordering the Wonder Woman / Grundy pack (why couldn't Grundy have been paired with Deathstroke? =x I'm guessing the rest of the line will be hero paired with villain as part of a "versus" theme). I still somewhat question the value but it could be much worse. At any rate, I'm just wondering who we might see next. Cyborg? Nightwing? Harley Quinn? Or will they finally jump to Batman or Superman?

[ Pre-order Green Arrow/Deathstroke | Wonder Woman/Solomon Grundy at Big Bad Toy Store ]

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