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DC Collectibles launches 3.75-in con exclusives

5:00 PM on 07.06.2012 // Scarecroodle

Seemingly answering the prayers of DC fans, DC Collectibles has announced a new 3.75-inch DC line. The hilarious twist? The whole line is a con exclusive. Bet you weren't expecting that (unless you read the headline).

The first of these figures, a two-pack featuring Green Lanterns Kyle Rayner and Kilowog, will be available for US$25 at the Graphitti Designs booth (#2315) at SDCC. The set was shown for the first time on G4's X-Play (along with Geoff John's kick-ass office with Captain Cold doors and a teaser for a Robot Chicken episode that looks to feature a Retro-Action Lex Luthor) albeit just for a moment.

The line, which is packaged as (and presumably named) "DC Comics Super-Heroes", is reminiscent of the early Marvel Universe figures in terms of articulation but with somewhat better looking sculpts. If DC Collectibles did ever take these to retail, I imagine that the line would provide stiff competition for Hasbro's Marvel Universe figures despite being a little less articulate.

While the choice of characters doesn't exactly thrill me, the paintwork and sculpts really look solid. Both figures seem to have a really nice glossy, metallic green on the outfits. This color adds to the visual appeal tremendously. Kilowog is definitely the nicer of the two, between his bulkier body mold and his detailed headsculpt. The pack seems to come with one energy construct but the figures might be able to use the energy constructs from Mattel's 3.75-inch Green Lantern line.

Anybody really stoked for these? Or curious as to which characters we might see next?

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