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Dave Correia's Lil' Skeletor painting is adorably sinister

10:30 PM on 02.02.2011 // Crystal White

This illustration by Dave Correia is a simply wonderful interpretation of a classic character. Lil' Skeletor is both creepy and cute, with realistically skull-faced toddler Skeletor alongside his panther cub. I also like the nice little touch of what Lil' Skeletor's blocks spell out--it's "I kill He-Man" in case you missed it.

In fact, this illustration has won over a lot of people, including Destructoid's own Nick Chester, who apparently thinks it's "brilliant." I happen to agree with him. Alt art is one of my favorite things about fandom--when it's done right. This piece is certainly one of ones "done right" with the skull of Lil' Skeletor echoing Dutch vanitas paintings and the child-like background referencing art that your grandma might like. The juxtaposition of the two works wonders.

Hit the gallery to see a bigger version of the piece and be sure to check out Dave Correia's site. Correia has tons of great illustrations both in color and black and white and it's always nice to support an awesome artist. 

[via Super Punch

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Crystal White,
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